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Aman Sandhu & Swapnaa Tamhane

Tuesday, July 10, 8pm to 11pm

InterAccess is pleased to present:

We Don't Know What This Conversation is Going To Make, 2012
Aman Sandhu & Swapnaa Tamhane

Tuesday, July 10, 8pm to 11pm
Live audio stream available at:

We Don't Know What This Conversation is Going to Make is a performance that takes place inside a Plexiglas box. The Plexiglas box will be placed at the front window of Interaccess during hours when the gallery is closed, only allowing the performance to be viewed from the street.

Sandhu and Tamhane will be in conversation for two or three hours about developing an artwork to place inside the box. The conversation can only be heard via an online radio station. The starting point of this work is a discussion about process but ultimately pursues and exaggerates the limitations of the Plexiglas box while simultaneously making a work that is limitless. Viewers on the street will be able to see the performance but not able to listen to the conversation while those who tune into the radio feeds will hear the conversation but not be able to see the performance. This work extends outside of limitations of space or architecture and plays with the idea of loss.


Aman Sandhu is currently studying sculpture at OCAD. Previous works include re-, and Three (in collaboration with Tamhane). Upcoming performances will be held at Art Gallery of Mississauga and Summerworks Theatre Festival, Toronto.

Swapnaa Tamhane, an artist and curator, has been exhibiting since 2009 in Delhi (Galley Seven Art), Bangalore (KHOJ @ 1 Shanthi Road Residency) and Toronto (Launch Projects, Contact Photography Festival).

Both artists will have a works presented as part of Scotiabank's Nuit Blanche 2012.