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Bear witness and participate in InterAccess's first ever Software GRUDGE MATCH (yes, we're that dorky!)


Thursday, July 24, 8pm onwards
Free and open to the public!

Come take sides in this fight to the death between those open-source PD Commies and the right-wing, proprietary, puppy-hating MAX/MSPers.

With Celebrity Guest Host Misha Glouberman
Featuring Competitors Frank Tsonis (team MAX/MSP) vs. Dafydd Hughes and David McCallum (team Pure Data)
With play-by-play commentary by Nicholas Stedman
and Musical Sideman Graham Collins

There has been a long and bloody rivalry between those who would make new media art with Pure Data (aka PD), a free, open source graphical programming language, and proponents of MAX/MSP, Pd's slick, commercial half-brother. We intend to open these oldwounds, pour salt, beer and whatever else we can find into them, push both programs and programmers to the brink of collapse and determine once and for all which is better.

Join celebrity host Misha Glouberman as he leads our contestants through a series of increasingly difficult challenges with play-by-play commentary by Nicholas Stedman and musical sideman Graham Collins. Watch as Frank Tsonis (team MAX/MSP) and David McCallum and Dafydd Hughes (team Pd) try to come up with the fastest, sexiest and most effective solutions, all the while fighting against each other, the clock, and the inevitable nerds who think they can do it better.

Watch the competitors make their own buzzers, help crash one of the programs with your applause, and play a communal game of everyone’s favourite retro video game PONG! Audience participation is encouraged, as is socializing, sharing ideas, learning, and drinking tasty beverages from our favourite sponsor! The freshly-popped popcorn is on us.

If you have experience with either of these programs (or if you don't) and you think you can do better than our resident gurus, or even if you just want to play along, feel free to bring a laptop, work on the challenges, aid or abuse our contestants or just check your email. It's free to watch, participate, heckle, throw fruit, and bet on who's gonna get an ass-beating.

Don’t know what the heck MAX/MSP and PURE DATA are? Read up using the links below, or just come down to InterAccess and watch the magic that is.... ANYTHING YOU CAN DO (IN MAX/MSP), I CAN DO BETTER (IN PD).

Information and downloads:
Pure Data:

About the participants:

Misha Glouberman has taught a large number of highly unuseful classes to many people. These include a course in experimental music for non-performers called "Terrible Noises for Beautiful People", and a course in charades called "How To Get Really Good At Playing Charades." He is best known as the host of the Trampoline Hall Lectures, invented by Sheila Heti. Misha Glouberman is very concerned about how the interests of residents are represented in his city, and how neighbourhoods develop. He has written against the pedestrianization of Kensington Market, and is the founding member of the Queen/Beaconsfield Residents Association. To learn more about Misha, please go to: or/and

Frank Tsonis is currently employed as the Digital Media Technician in the Visual Arts department at York University. He is a graduate of Concordia University's Computation Arts (BFA) program. In the past, he has worked as a researcher for Jason Lewis at OBX Labs. His art and research interests are interactive sculpture/audio installations, wearable computing for live performances and electrocacoustics. He is currently working on an interactive audio/visual installation exploring the use of harmful chemicals found in personal care products. His work is located at: Also note: Frank doesn't really hate puppies, do you Frank?

Dafydd Hughes is an artist, musician and educator living in Toronto, Ontario. He is an active member of Canada's jazz, pop and experimental music communities, performing and recording regularly as a pianist, keyboardist and electronic sound designer. He is also a member of various improvised electronic music groups including I/O Media, Methuselah and Nightingale. He has developed several computer-based musical systems using programming environments such as Pure Data and Csound which he uses in both experimental and mainstream popular music. Dafydd teaches Ear Training and Music Technologies at Sheridan College. He is also a member of the board of directors at InterAccess, where he loves to spend time teaching and participating in workshops, playing with technology, taking things apart and finding himself unable to put things back together. Visit his site at:

David McCallum is the Editor at Musicworks Magazine, a musician and sound artist. His work has focused on improvised music, DIY electronics, and locative media. Groups and projects have included the Warbike, a mobile sonification of WiFi networks; InterAccess's I/O Media and the Live Electroacoustic Research Kitchen improv groups; and You Say Potatoe, I Say Potato: a study in the sonic properties of genetically modified potatoes. Visit his site at:

Nicholas Stedman has integrated computers and electronics in his art practice for more than 10 years. During this time he has made and collaborated on sculptures, installations, and performances which have been shown across Canada and abroad including at ISEA, Future Physical and Ars Electronica. His primary focus for the past several years has been making tactile robots. For more info, please go to:

Graham Collins: Apart from serving as composer for Odessa Filmworks and other Canadian independent film-makers, Graham has worked on numerous other projects over the years including acting as piano sideman to alt-country performers 'Slo' Tom Stewart and Kathleen Edwards. For several years he was the Music Director at Ottawa improv club 'The iNSTiTUTiON'. In a similar vein he is now Music Director with Radio Vault in Toronto - a sketch comedy troupe dedicated to the love and lampooning of Radio. Other creative outlets include forays into an experimental fusion of analog audio and live analog video, primarily via artist residency at the Experimental Television Center in Owego, NY. For more, please go to:

Media Contact: Jennifer Cherniack, 416 599 7206 or email jennifer(dot)cherniack(at)interaccess(dot)org