Sep 19 2017 to Sep 26 2017

TouchDesigner Introductory Workshop

TouchDesigner is a visual development platform for making interactive 3D art, multi-screen interactive experiences, museum exhibits, data visualizations, architectural projections, live visual performances, and more. For everyone who wants to get a fast track start on working with TouchDesigner, this workshop will provide a good basis to gain an initial understanding on workflow, concepts and techniques while equipping attendees with the knowledge to start creating interactive / generative setups.

Sep 23 2017 to Sep 30 2017

Objective Functions: Creating Images with Neural Networks

How are advances in artificial intelligence changing aesthetics? What are new kinds of images we can create today, that we could never create before?  In this two-part workshop we will study neural networks, and how algorithms originally designed to allow computers to recognize the objects in photographs have been repurposed to instead create new images

Oct 5 2017 to Oct 12 2017

Biomedia: Caring for Home-Grown Cultures

Learn to make biological media at home and start growing cultures of attractive and intelligent slime mold (a.k.a Physarum Polycephalum). Sarah Choukah will introduce slime mold's amazing potential for collaboration at the intersection of art, science and technology. Participants will learn how to transform their kitchens and closets in safe, mini Physarum biolabs. They will leave the workshop with a feeding and growing kit, as well as their own new pet slime mold.

Oct 17 2017 to Oct 24 2017

Intro to Electronics for Artists

Learning the basics of electronics is vital for anyone looking to create interactive or new media work. This workshop, geared to artists, is for those new in electronics, or for those who need a refresher. You will learn the basics of electricity starting with Ohm’s Law and work your way up to building simple digital circuits with CMOS chips, transistors and LEDs. You will learn how to interface these circuits with motors, sensors and other devices.  

Dates: Tuesday October 17 and 24

Time: 7-10pm

Oct 21 2017

Generative Poetry

Learn the basics of algorithmic poetry by exploring several different ways of writing poems with rules, both on the computer and off. Participants will learn some of the history of computer-based poetry, get hands-on opportunities to write algorithms that produce poetry, and collaborate with other participants to write and share rules-based poems. This workshop will be accessible to poets with no prior experience with coding, as well as coders with no prior experience writing poetry. So come learn how to write poetry with code!

Date: Saturday, October 21

Oct 28 2017 to Nov 4 2017

Heavy Lifting, Light Machining

Have you ever wanted to attach something to your motor? Or use gears? This workshop is an introduction to basic mechanics and basic machining. Learn how to operate the mill and the lathe for making a motor coupling and shaft keyway, for a bore fitted gear. Students will learn some basic mechanics and understanding of how to use precision and measuring tools. This workshop will cover the basis of how a lathe works, how to set it up and operate it and the basis of how a mill works, how to set it up and operate it for simple machining. 

Nov 7 2017

Intro to Op Amps and Analog Electronics

Maybe you've struggled to get a wider range of values from a sensor into your Arduino. Maybe you're interested in building an analog synth.  Maybe you are a sound artist who wants to build a microphone preamp, or a mixer. You might not know it yet, but Op-amps are what you need in your life!

Nov 11 2017

Projection Mapping for Artists

This workshop is intended for artists interested in working with videos and projections for art installations of any size.

We will go over the fundamentals of projection mapping like projector types, lumens and perspective, as well as introducing the group to Isadora (theatre VJ software, node-based)  great for composing multiple videos and mapping them to 2D and 3D surfaces. We will also discuss conceptual development, best practices, live-event optimization, and free online resources for footage.

Nov 14 2017 to Nov 21 2017

Intro to Processing for Artists

Learn the basics of Processing, an indispensable programming tool for artists. Join Tess Sutherland as she teaches the ABC’s of algorithmic drawing and interactive animations. Session 1 will teach the basics of drawing with code. Session 2 will show how to animate code through parameterization, and how to interface the mouse and keyboard with your creations. In both sessions, Tess will show examples of a wide range of artworks made with Processing and identify further resources for students.

Nov 25 2017

Light, Performance and the Stage: Projection Mapping for Theatre

Build on the foundational skills of projection mapping by designing a functioning theatre set with light! This course will invite actors to collaborate with workshop participants to design an assigned scene, which will feature projection mapping as both a narrative device and set design technique. The class will be divided into groups of two projection mappers and one or two actors.

Past workshop
Feb 20, 2016

Intro to 3D Printing!

In this workshop, participants will learn the workflow of 3D printing an object from digital files. Steps include manipulating the model, exporting files, and printing the object on IA's Ultimaker 2 printers. You will learn to prepare files for 3D printing using Autodesk123Design. 

The workshop will focus on printing two kinds of objects. These include:

- an object from a 3D scan, and, 

- an object designed entirely in 3D modelling software (Autodesk 123Design or Rhino). 

Past workshop
Feb 11, 2016

Interactive Installations in Max 7 (Series): Fundamentals for Audio Projects

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of digital audio and how to use live audio to make sound reactive work using Max 7!  To do this, we will be using microphones to affect video in real-time. Additionally, you will learn how to create a simple audio player which you can control programmatically.

Past workshop
Feb 4, 2016

Interactive Installations in Max 7 (series): Intro to Max 7

Max 7 is a visual programming environment. In this workshop you will learn the ins and outs of the Max 7 environment as well as some universal concepts at the core of most programming languages (and electronics). To do this, we will cover the basics of manipulating both pre-recorded and live video feeds in real-time!

Past workshop
Jan 23, 2016

Make an Atari Punk Console!

The APC is a simple noisemaker circuit that is famous for its simplicity, elegance, and endless permutations. We’ll provide you with all the components and tools necessary to build this legendary gizmo, and we’ll guide you through the build and help you understand how electronic circuits work. 

Past workshop
Jan 16 - 17, 2016

Intro to Electronics for Artists (Series)

Learn the basics of electricity and build simple digital circuits with CMOS chips, transistors and LEDs. You will interface these circuits with motors, sensors and other devices commonly used in new media and electronic artworks.

Past workshop
Nov 24 - Dec 1, 2015

Large-Scale Light Art

Back by popular demand! Learn how to control robotic lights, theatrical dimmer units and addressable RGB LEDs!  Participants will explore different ways of controlling sample lighting units (provided) using Arduino, Processing, and openFrameworks, and will consider ways that a small breadboard circuit can be scaled up to a large artwork. We will have samples of many different types of lighting fixtures to control, and discuss ways that you can create your own lighting fixtures. 

Past workshop
Nov 21, 2015

Circuit Board Design in EagleCAD

Learn how to design and print your own custom circuit boards using EagleCAD software. This workshop series will take you through the workflow for designing and printing circuit boards. You will learn how to create a schematic, design a circuit board, customize parts, and prepare files to send to the PCB manufacturer. With boards being so cheap these days, there's no reason not to have awesome custom circuit boards in your projects!  

Past workshop
Nov 5 - 19, 2015

Intro to Arduino for Artists (Series)

In this series participants will be introduced to creative coding, circuit construction, sensors and actuators. Whether you are interested in robotics, sound, light art, or just plain old tinkering, these workshops are a great palce to develop your artistic ideas.


Past workshop
Nov 3 - 17, 2015

Raspberry Pi 2 (Series)

Raspberry Pi 2 is a powerful mini-computer used in many interactive works.  Using the RPi2, you will learn to write code in Python, scrape data from common web sources, and use sensors and actuators with the board.