Tasman Richardson
Apr 9 - 16, 2019
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Scavenge, Fold, Manipulate: Sampling the Ghost in the Machine

Tasman Richardson presents a beginner’s guide to forming abstract expressions with various analog glitches in this two day workshop. Using examples from his personal practice, Tasman will explain his concept of The New Flesh, and teach participants his methods for seeking, capturing and sorting glitches from CRT rescanning, Atari voltage manipulation, and cross wiring video to audio channels for applications in installation art, live visualizations, audio/video compositions, and more. This workshop is particularly focused on helping participants make these tools their own: on formulating your own language with these practices, fitting new techniques into your own artistic practice, and pairing your concepts with the right final exhibition formats.

Dates: Tuesday April 9 & 16

Time: 7-10pm

Registration Fee: 

Annual Studio or Workshop Pass Discount $90

Regular Price $120

What to Bring: You're encouraged (but not required) to bring a laptop, headphones, and your favorite sound recorder!

About the Instructor: Tasman Richardson is a video artist, electronic composer, and graphic designer. For over a decade he has exhibited or performed extensively throughout the Americas, Europe, North Africa and Asia. He lives in Toronto, Canada. His work focuses on tele-presence, memory, appropriation, synesthesia, and JAWA editing (of which he is the founder).

Questions? If you have any questions about the workshop or special requirements, please contact us at education@interaccess.org. Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy: We are unable to accommodate attendee cancellations or refunds less than 1 week prior to a workshop or event. InterAccess reserves the right to cancel or reschedule this workshop if necessary.

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