Artist & maker co-working studio space

Open Studio

Every Wednesday evening from 7pm – 10pm we open our doors to the public. Come by to see what people are making or bring along your own project to work on in our space. Staff and community members are onsite to provide project help or provide a tour of the facility. Open Studio is always free.

Studio Access

Our 1,000 square foot Studio provides pass-holders with 24/7 access to electronics work space, tools for machining and fabrication, and a variety of electronics for use or salvage.

The Studio is the cornerstone of our services, and is where learning, art, and community thrive. We offer different types of studio access passes to suit your needs.

Annual Studio Access Pass


The Annual Studio Access Pass encourages passholders to make full use of InterAccess’s studio space, equipment, and facilities, and to become part of an exciting community of artists and designers.  With this pass you receive:

  • 24-HOUR ACCESS to our studio facility via keyfob
  • DISCOUNTS on workshops and events
  • DISCOUNTS at electronics retailer Creatron Inc.

Buy Annual Studio Access Pass

Monthly Project Pass


The Monthly Project Pass is for people with a specific project they'd like to work on which will require intensive, short-term use of our studio, equipment, and facilities. Monthly passes begin from the date of purchase. With this pass you receive:

  • 24-HOUR ACCESS to our studio facility via keyfob
  • LOCKER SPACE for the duration of your membership

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Studio pass-holders gain access to our suite of cutting-edge tools and equipment, along with tool-training, to support your artistic practice.

  • NextEngine 3D scanner
  • Ultimaker 3D printers (2 units)
  • Oculus Rift SDK
  • Omeni stereo microscope
  • Weller soldering irons
  • Hot air rework station + nozzle kits
  • Digital and analog oscilloscopes
  • Arduinos and Raspberry Pis
  • Brother ‘Innovis 40’ sewing machine
  • Bernina ‘700D’ serger
  • Conductive threads
  • ‘Parts Library’ of old and rare electronics
  • Bandsaw
  • Metal bandsaw
  • Drill press
  • Table saw
  • WiFi (25 Mbps)

Workshop Discount Pass

InterAccess delivers a slate of workshops to support your creative practice. Details on upcoming workshops are available online.

Workshop Discount Pass 


The Workshop Discount Pass gives you discounted rates on all workshops and select events, as well as discounts at electronics retailer Creatron Inc. This is a great option if you foresee yourself attending multiple workshops over the course of the year.  

  • DISCOUNTS on workshops
  • DISCOUNTS at electronics retailer Creatron Inc.

Buy Workshop Discount Pass


For questions about the Studio, Open Studio night, or equipment holdings, please contact our Education department.

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