Staff Contact


Ginger Scott
Executive Director
ginger @ interaccess .org
Email Ginger for inquiries related to the organization, administration, finance, and partnerships.

Evangeline Brooks
Programming Manager
evangeline @ interaccess .org
Email Evangeline for inquiries related to exhibitions, public programs, submissions calls, IA 360° immersive projection system, and Vector Festival.

Tiffany Schofield
Education & Studio Manager
tiffany @ interaccess .org
Email Tiffany for inquiries related to workshops, public events, membership services, and the production studio.

Belinda Kwan
Research & Development Manager
belinda @ interaccess .org
Email Belinda for inquiries about community collaboration and research initiatives foregrounding Black, Indigenous, and Disability Justice communities.

Sar Wagman
Studio Assistant
sar @ interaccess .org
Email Sar for inquiries or suggestions for the production studio, equipment, and community activities.

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