IA Current Call for Works

Deadline: September 25, 2021

In the original narrative of the golem, a mythical being of clay is brought to life through magic to serve humankind. Our present-day parallel to this figure is the robot, a being of metal brought to life by technology similarly to serve humankind. Both beings reflect human interests and imaginaries; the golem is dreamt into existence by way of magic, and the robot is a simulation of our own reality. The 2021 IA Current exhibition will explore the dreams and simulations of the computer age, and how they attempt to imagine new methods of digital co-existence and the future of our world.

Curated by Tristan Sauer, this online exhibition will draw parallels between our dreams and the simulations we create digitally through video game worlds, online chatbots, web VR, and avatars. It will question how we can learn about ourselves and our relations to others from these simulated realities. Eroding the dichotomy of the real and the virtual, this exhibition explores digital co-existence and the futurity of internet culture, with the aim of envisioning more equitable, diverse, and safe futures online.

Artists are asked to ponder the following questions: how can we imagine more ethical online futures? How can we avoid the mistakes of the physical world on the web? What is a simulation if not a computerized dream? What is a dream if not a psychological simulation? Can computers dream and if they can, of what? Is the brain a computer? Where does the threshold between digital and physical exist?

We welcome submissions from new media arts disciplines including game art, digital art, social media, virtual reality, augmented reality, generative art, creative coding, machine learning, net art, web VR, and experimental video art.


●      Project description (250 words)

●      Artist statement (250 words)

●      Documentation (maximum five images and one video; please provide URLs)

●      A detailed description of technical requirements (please outline materials provided by the artist and materials expected from InterAccess)

●      Current CV (3 pages maximum)

●      Artist biography (100 words)

Please submit your application using this form. If you have questions about applying, please contact



●      This exhibition will take place online from November 24 – January 22, 2021

●      Selected artists will be notified in October 2021

●      All artworks must be ready for exhibition by November 1, 2021

●    All participating artists will receive a CARFAC fee

OAC Exhibition Assistance

InterAccess is a recommender for the Ontario Arts Council's Exhibition Assistance program. The program supports Ontario-based artists and artist collectives working in visual arts, craft and media art practices in the presentation of their artwork in a confirmed public exhibition. This is a third-party recommender program. Using NOVA, OAC’s online grant application system, artists apply to the galleries and organizations designated as recommenders for the program. These recommenders assess applications and submit grant recommendations to OAC.

InterAccess assesses OAC Exhibition Assistance applications based on their eligibility for the grant program, artistic merit, and advancements to the field of new media arts. Funding recommendations will be made by InterAccess's Programming Committee, comprised of InterAccess staff, Board, and community members.

Application deadlines: September 10, 2021 and January 10, 2022

Programming Policy

InterAccess's programming is determined 12-18 months in advance. Exhibitions and events are developed through curatorial research, which includes submissions we receive. A proposal submission does not guarantee an invitation to exhibit.

Interaccess exhibits original projects from artists, curators, and collectives. Keeping with our mission to expand the cultural space of technology, we support electronic, interactive, and new media works in sculpture, installation, video, software, sound/music, and performance.

Presently, our curatorial focus is on:

Practice-Based Research
InterAccess takes practice-based inquiry as an entry point into not only understanding more closely the way technology inhabits our everyday lives, but also serves as a hub, from which hybrid forms and experimental research encourages innovation both in-studio and in-gallery.

Interdisciplinary Dialogue
Our commitment to interdisciplinary dialogue and transdisciplinary methods encourages an approach that sees the value of heterogeneity and transformation.

Productive Co-production
Our collaborations with local partners allow us to exchange ideas, cultivate new perspectives and further expand the range of media art practice.

International Program
Our collaborations with international partners make InterAccess an important node in the global rhizome of media art outlets.

Submission Guidelines

Applications for exhibition and platform programming are accepted on an ongoing basis. The programming committee is comprised of a staff member, board members who are practicing artists, and an invited artist or curator. Consideration is given to collaboration with local organizations. InterAccess strives for its programming to reflect the diversity of its communities.

Proposals for exhibitions, curatorial projects and special programmes are reviewed on an ongoing basis. InterAccess pays artist fees in accordance with CARFAC and IMAA standards. Please enquire for a gallery floorplan or to receive information about the venue's technical capabilities.

All submissions must be sent digitally.

1. Project Documents
The following should be combined into a single PDF file:

  • A project description
  • A CV
  • A list of support materials (e.g. images, video, audio) with description of content
  • Optional - Maximum 2 samples of press written on your work
  • Optional - Including your support materials inside the PDF 
  • You MUST include the title of the project in the PDF as well as the year of submission. (Example "2014_ProjectName.pdf").

2. Support material
You may submit up to 10 items of support material, including jpegs, urls, videos, and software. InterAccess has only a limited amount of time to review each submission. Please limit video selections to 5 minutes in length (include directions and time-codes in the support materials list) and jpegs to 72 dpi. Please limit total size of support materials to no larger than 100 MB.

Be sure to name each parts of your support material with the submission date and title of your project (for example, "YEAR_ProjectName_jpeg1.pdf) and have them correspond with your list of materials.

3. Sending your submission
You can send your proposal to us in one of the following ways:

  • Email to (recommended for submissions of supporting materials under 10MB)
  • (or other file share) to

Be sure to name the subject line of your email or file transfer with the submission date and project name, (Example "YEAR MONTH_ProjectName_submission").

4. Timelines
Please allow up to 3 months for the complete review of your proposal.



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