IA 360°
IA 360°: InterAccess's Immersive Projection System

About IA 360°

InterAccess is proud to be home to an immersive 360° projection environment bespoke to our gallery – IA 360°.

The IA 360° transforms InterAccess’s gallery space and encourages artists to leverage sensory intensity for critical thinking. Although immersive environments have grown in cultural importance, they are generally out of reach to the artistic community.  InterAccess, unlike large media corporations, supports experimentation and innovation by making new technology available to artists, collectives, and students. The IA 360° will support our local and broader community with access, support, and education.  


IA 360° is set to be available for bookings and community events in the upcoming months.


IA 360°'s technical specifications are available upon request; please email the Programming Manger at art@interaccess.org. 


Past Programming

IA 360° Showcase Exhibition

Ctrl+Shift: Immersive Worlds Beyond Projection

OPEN HDMI: Plug+Play x ponyHAUS



Images courtesy of Michael Awad.

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