Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rental

Equipment from the InterAccess studio is available to rent for personal projects, exhibitions, workshops, and more. Both members of the public, and those with a Studio Membership are able to rent equipment. A 50% reduced rental rate is available for all Studio Members.

To rent equipment, please fill out our Equipment Rental Form. The full fee breakdown can be viewed here.

Public Equipment

Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset

$10/day | $30/week | $60/month

Oculus Rift (CV1) VR Headset

$7/day | $20/week | $40/month

Oculus DK1 VR Headset

$5/day | $15/week | $30/month

Oculus DK2 VR Headset

$5/day | $15/week | $30/month

HTC Vive Pro VR Headset

$7/day | $20/week | $40/month

Magic Leap AR Headset

$10/day | $30/week | $60/month

Mosaic Palette 2

3D Printer add-on

$10/day | $30/week | $60/month

Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet

Size:13.3 x 8.6"

$7/day | $15/week | $30/month

ASUS TUF Gaming A15 series Laptop

Model: TUF 506-IV | 15.6"

$25/day | $50/week | $100/month

MSi Dominator Pro Gaming Laptop

Model: GT72 VR 6RE | 17.3"

$25/day | $50/week | $100/month

Brother Innovis - 40 Sewing Machine

$7/day | $20/week | $40/month

Bernina "700D" Serger Sewing Machine

$7/day | $20/week | $40/month

BenQ Projector

Model: MX819ST

$7/day | $20/week | $40/month

Optoma Projector

Model: Short throw, EH200ST

$20/day | $40/week | $80/month

XBox 360 Kinect

$4/day | $8/week | $15/month

XBox One Kinect

$5/day | $10/week | $20/month

IPad 9

$10/day | $25/week | $80/month

Weller Soldering Iron

$3/day | $10/week | $20/month

Compound Microscope

$10/day | $30/week | $60/month

Rigid Heddle Loom

$7/day | $20/week | $40/month

Special Request Rentals

These items are either core pieces of our studio equipment or sensitive to transportation and cannot be guaranteed for off site rentals. Please contact us to request this equipment.

MSi Trident 3 Tower

Size: 4.72L

$30/day | $75/week | $150/month

Samsung 4K Smart TV

43 " | Crystal UHD

$30/day | $75/week | $150/month

Non-Equipment Rentals

These items cannot be guaranteed for off site rentals and have a minimum and/or maximum rental amount. Studio member discounts do not apply to these rentals. Please contact us to request non-equipment rentals.

Height Adjustable Tables

$50/day | $40/week | $150/month

Maximum: 2

Non-Adjustable Tables

$10/day | $35/week | $120/month

Maximum: 2

Stackable chairs

$0.50/day | $2/week | $7/month

Minimum: 10 | Maximum: 50

To view our full rental fee breakdown click here.


Please contact for special request or non-equipment rentals, questions, or for alternative pricing and compensation options if cost is a barrier.

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