May 30 2017 to Jun 6 2017

Intro to Processing for Artists (Series)

Learn the basics of Processing, an indispensable programming tool for artists. Join Tess Sutherland as she teaches the ABC’s of algorithmic drawing and interactive animations. Session 1 will teach the basics of drawing with code. Session 2 will show how to animate code through parameterization, and how to interface the mouse and keyboard with your creations. In both sessions, Tess will show examples of a wide range of artworks made with Processing and identify further resources for students.

Jun 10 2017

Sonic Geography

Join sound artist and sonic adventurer Dan Tapper for an exploration into sound and place. The workshop will focus on delving into the often-overlooked sounds of the world around us through sound walking and field recording exercises.  These exercises and recordings will inform the development of unique and bespoke digital systems and performance instruments allowing participants to perform and manipulate real world sounds through psycho geography, maps and interactive interfaces.

Jun 17 2017

Sensing Installations: Interfacing Processing with Arduino

Learn how to create coded animations and video effects that respond to their environments using two ubiquitous and open source coding tools: Processing and Arduino. Tess Sutherland will demonstrate the powerful capabilities of interfacing Arduino and Processing in a variety of examples of interactive art. By the end of the session students will use inputs and outputs to create tangible interactivity in their projects, and leave this workshop with the ability to create a tangible output from their code as well as use real-world inputs to drive their work.

Jun 20 2017

Intro to 3D Printing for Artists

Learn how to use 3D printers safely and creatively in this introductory workshop. Amir Far will introduce some of the powerful capabilities of 3D printing for art making contexts, and give guidance on proper usage and maintenance of 3D printers. Students will learn prepare 3D models to be printed using Cura, and then learn how to set up, use, and clean the 3D printer.

Date:  Tuesday June 20

Time: 7-10pm

Registration Fee: 

Annual Studio or Workshop Pass Discount $45

Regular Price $60

Jul 4 2017

Pocket Sized Radio Transmitter for Installation and Performance

Get started with radio art by learning how to make a battery powered radio transmitter for use in sound installations and performances. Simplify installations with wireless connectivity, or experiment with the sounds of radio interference. 

Jul 25 2017

Atari Punk Console

Make your own DIY sound synthesizer! Learn about the 555 chip, practice your soldering and circuit building skills, and make some old school sounds with the Atari Punk Console!

The APC is a simple noisemaker circuit that is famous for its simplicity, elegance, and endless permutations. We’ll provide you with all the components and tools necessary to build this legendary gizmo, and we’ll guide you through the build and help you understand how electronic circuits work. 

Past workshop
Jun 11 - 18, 2015

Max for Ableton Users

This is an exciting time for electronically produced sounds because the lines between instrument, environment, gesture, and performance are all mixing into a pumping aural cocktail. In these workshops you will learn basic approaches and techniques used to create interactive and generative sonic experiences. This is ideal for participants looking to create interactive audio installations or learn some nifty tricks to enhance their audio performances with technology.


Part 1: Introduction to Max For Live and MSP

Past workshop
May 28, 2015

Interfacing Arduino and Max 7

Custom electronics allows you to create unique interfaces and experiences for your interactive installations. Learn how to approach electronics projects from a graphical flow programming approach. Connect switches and sensors to Audio and Video, or control output like LED's based off of audio and video events!

Materials: We'll loan you an Arduino for the workshop, which you're welcome to purchase at the end of the workshop if you like.

Past workshop
May 16, 2015

Wearables and Collaborative Performance

In this full-day workshop you will learn to use Bluetooth and Arduino (in the form of the LightBlue Bean) as well as various body sensors to create generative designs through collaborative performance. You will get your feet wet with writing Arduino code, reading and managing sensor data, sending wireless messages and interfacing with Processing.  You'll learn to think conceptually about the body and its relationship to time, space, and technology.

Past workshop
May 7 - 21, 2015

Interactive Installations in Max 7: A 3-Part Series

NOTE: This is a 3-part workshop series taking place across three Thursdays: May 7, May 14, May 21. You are welcome to sign up for one workshop individually or all three.

In this workshop, we will learn the ins and outs of the Max 7 programming environment as well as some universal concepts to most programming languages as well as electronics. To do this, we will learn the basics of manipulating both pre-recorded and live video feeds in real-time!

Introduction to Max 7

Thursday May 7, 7-10pm

Past workshop
Apr 16 - 30, 2015

Arduino for Artists: a 3-Part Series

NOTE: This is a 3-part workshop series taking place across three Thursdays: April 16, April 23rd, and April 30th. You are welcome to sign up for one workshop individually or all three.

Past workshop
Feb 21, 2015

Intro to Interactive Art with Max 7

Max 7 is a perfect tool for artists learning to create interactive installations, particularly those which use camera or audio input. It's a graphical approach to programming, in which artists create "patches" by visually connecting objects which represent inputs, outputs and functions, rather than typing out lines of code.

We're going to learn how to use this powerful tool to create an interactive video piece!


Past workshop
Feb 19, 2015

Vector Festival Workshop: Glitch.Jam.3

The return of Vector's immensely successful glitch.jam workshop!

What’s a Glitch.Jam? It’s part-workshop/ part jam, where Team Vector will walk you through the basics of circuit bending battery operated / plug and play gaming devices. We’ll show you how to crack them open, and how to employ a variety of techniques to create your own game glitches!

Past workshop
Nov 29, 2014

The Craft of Electronic Fabrication with Rob Cruickshank

From Breadboard to Biennale.

Electronics is part art, part science and part craft. The workshop is about the craft, a topic often neglected in modern electronics education. 

Past workshop
Nov 13, 2014

Creative App Development, Part 3: Intermediate Interface, and Introducing Swift

Note: this is a 3-part series. We strongly recommend signing up for all three (and you'll receive a discount on this page if you do!) but if you are interested in only one or two of the topics, or are unable to attend one of the sessions, then you're free to sign up for only the workshops you need.