Feb 20, 2015

Vector Festival Panel Discussion: Interface Experiments in New Media and Game Art

Join Team Vector (Martin Zeilinger and Skot Deeming) and a selection of artists from the exhibition (Connor Campbell, Kara Stone, Nadine Lessio, Kieran Nolan, and members of Team Mouffe) in an engaging and critical discussion about interfaces.

What makes an interface? What characterizes a successful (or a failed) attempt to interface with a game, a machine, an algorithm, or another human? What are the politics of interface design, and what are its aesthetics? How are desires, hopes and fears expressed in interfaces? How are they made transparent/ obfuscated? How do commercial discourses embedded in technology cultures shape our understanding of the interface? How do we break from these discourses to create new critical works while focusing on interface design? How do we move beyond the concept of utility when discussing the interface?

February 20, 7-9PM


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