Feb 21, 2015

Vector Festival Performance – Variations on a Theme: Computer Music{s}

This year’s performance night at Vector reflects our curatorial and scholarly fascinations with the use of gaming and new media technologies in the composition of live music. This evening’s program explores a wide array of interpretations of the theme “Computer Music,” for which, in our curatorial opinion, no single definition does (or, indeed, should!) exist. Accordingly, the performers touch on manifold compositional and performance practices that use the computer as a primary expressive tool.

The performance night features three Canadian artists whose approaches to computer-based composition and performance are remarkably different. frAncIs (Toronto) will be performing using live coding environments, creating live electronic music on-the-fly based on algorithms composed in real time. Devon Hansen (Montreal) employs the computer in the creation of sample-based and acousmatic soundscapes. Finally, JefftheWorld (Toronto), a staple of the Toronto chipmusic scene, will be performing using music tracking software for vintage computational platforms including MS-DOS and the Commordore Amiga.

February 21st 8PM-12AM
Purchase tickets (via EventBrite) here.

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