Oct 22, 2015

Glitch Wizard Uncovered: Art-Making Mobile Apps with Connor Bell and Allan Lavell

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Join visiting artists and Glitch Wizard co-creators Connor Bell and Allan Lavell on their quest to empower anyone to create glitch new media art through mobile apps. In this seminar, Connor and Allan will discuss their creative process, providing an in-depth look into their Glitch Wizard app and guiding you through basic to advanced data-bending techniques. Attendees will receive a code to download Glitch Wizard for free.

Stick around for a glitch-making reception, where your creations will live-stream in the InterAccess gallery. Android users can experiment with Moon Shadow, Bell’s free glitch-making app.

What is Glitch Wizard? Glitch Wizard is an iOS application developed by Connor Bell and Allan Lavell that allows users to create animated glitches from photos, videos and GIFs, and share them to multiple social networks.

Connor Bell is a new media artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia. He creates games and art tools that help him and others express themselves. Glitch Wizard, co-created with Allan Lavell, is an iOS app that creates unique glitch art animations and images through a variety of circuit bending techniques. His latest app, Moon Shadow, layers video effects on specific colours of an image feed by chroma keying.

Allan Lavell is an artist and a programmer. Unsatisfied with dedicating himself to only one skill (his 15 years of programming), Lavell lives by the 80/20 rule: learning the 20% of a skill that yields 80% of the value. He continues to push his disciplinary boundaries, recently combining product design, growth hacking, and web programming into a social movement surrounding the Canadian Federal Election: right2vote.ca.

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