Aug 1, 2018

Bio/Fabrication: Growing Forms with Mycelium

Wednesday, August 1 | 7-10pm

Are you interested in renewable materials? Come join us during Open Studio to play with Ecovative's mycelium growing kits. This material can be grown into any mold, and is used to grow everything from packing corners, to home insulation. We'll talk about some of its material properties, make some custom molds on our new vacuform machine, and see what we can grow! Below are some links to learn a bit more about the material:

Ecovative is a company mass producing mycelium materials for packaging and more:

Hi-Fy was a temporary architectural structure built out of mycelium bricks:

More on mushroom materials from Motherboard:

This event is free, but space is limited-- please rsvp to to save a place in the workshop.

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