May 23, 2019


An artist talk by Zeesy Powers

Thursday, May 23
FREE with registration

As our devices are an indispensable extension of ourselves, it only makes sense that we look to them for personal insight—regardless of these technologies' hidden origins or costs.  Artist Zeesy Powers discusses her research into machine learning tools for self-reflection, and presents a beta version of new work that aims to make these processes explicit.

About the artist

Zeesy Powers’ work explores how the unstated rules of society shape our experience. For over a decade, she has worked across media to create interactive works for performers and audience participants. Her recent work explores the opaque aesthetics of networked technologies, and how they hide persistent consumer surveillance. Powers was a finalist for both the 2016 and 2018 K.M. Hunter Artist Awards, the 2017 Transitio_MX award for digital art, and is a 2018 Chalmers Fellow. She lives and works in Toronto.


We regret that at this time InterAccess does not have barrier-free access; we are currently working to improve the accessibility of all facilities. There are five steps up to our main entrance. Once inside all facilities are on the same level, and there is a single-user washroom inside the unit.

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