Apr 15, 2020

Modular Synth Meetup - Show and Tell

Join us for an evening of virtual performances and discussion about our noise-making machines and projects.

Wednesday, April 15

Full performances can be streamed here: https://youtu.be/SEKy76NrkaE

Individual performances: 

https://youtu.be/SEKy76NrkaE?t=153 - Lifesonance (Gabe de Oliveira)
https://youtu.be/SEKy76NrkaE?t=1176 - JP King
https://youtu.be/SEKy76NrkaE?t=2373 - Jeremy Sykes
https://youtu.be/SEKy76NrkaE?t=3419 - Mike Palumbo
https://youtu.be/SEKy76NrkaE?t=5010 - Nanotopia ( Andrei & Tosca )
https://youtu.be/SEKy76NrkaE?t=6453 - Peter Rahul
https://youtu.be/SEKy76NrkaE?t=7615 - Rob Cruickshank


6:00pm: Lifesonance (Gabe de Oliveira)

Modular Synth drone performance around the Kotelnikov VCO and show/talk the signal path of the patch and setup.
instagram: @lifesonance

6:25pm: J.P. King

Modular Synth Performance and setup walk through
instagram: @jpk.ing

6:50pm: Jeremy Sykes

Modular Synth Performance and setup walk through

7:15pm: Mike Palumbo

Performance and talk. Discord server for Exit Points. Exit Points is an electroacoustic free-improvisation concert series Mike started in February. He worked in telematic music variously as a technician, developer, engineer, performer, composer, producer. Exit Points is meant to be a logical meeting place for discussing to support an online music community, everything from compensation, tech help, DIY, planning shows, meeting others, spontaneous jams, etc. He made a 'community' and added everyone to it, it allows each person to moderate channels, make new ones, add webhooks, add bots. etc.

link for the server: https://discord.gg/FKtRtmp
instagram: @palumbalumbo

7:40pm: Nanotopia

Spotify: nanotopia
Bio-Sonification | non-Human communication

Next Midnight Mushroom Music
Live stream April 25, 11PM (EST): https://youtu.be/4p5PrgDvJp8

8:05pm: Peter Rahul

Video Synthesis walk through showing his LZX modules setup.
Instagram: @prahul03

8:30pm: Rob Cruickshank

Presentation of a Paia modular system and talk about what 70s synth DIY looked like.

About the Organizer: 

Gabe De Oliveira is a Modular Synthesizer enthusiast and builder, and received an Electronic Technician diploma in the 1990s in Brazil. He makes his living as Software Developer for the last 10 years. Gabe is based in Toronto. https://lifesonance.bandcamp.com/



Credit: "ttv5" by Andreas Wetterberg, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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