Jul 19, 2020

is this real life drawing + unstill life drawing - Performance

Life isn't still. Life is constant motion.
is this real-life drawing and unstill life drawing are two back-to-back participatory live-streamed performances that reimagine the practice of life drawing. The live-stream feed is disrupted and manipulated using a variety of glitches, obscuring any definitive visual perceptions to encourage alternative modes of interpretation. Instead of traditionally ‘drawing’ what one sees, spectators are invited to write what they see in order to include reflections outside of the parameters of eyesight.

Should they feel comfortable, participants are invited to share their pieces with the artist and Vector Festival in what becomes a unique collaborative exercise that questions our current realities and notions of stasis. Participants can choose to submit their work under their name, or do so anonymously. Shared pieces of all mediums will be displayed on 2020.vectorfestival.org until August 13, 2020.

In the first session, is this real-life drawing, a nude model acts as artist and performer, subverting masculine vantages by controlling the frame through which they are viewed. The second session, unstill life drawing, utilizes an array of fluctuating props to interrupt typical life drawing scenes with movement and satire.

Please note that the event will involve live nudity, digitally obscured by glitches.

Sunday, July 19, 2020



This performance was presented as part of Vector Festival 2020: Online Exhibition, curated by Katie Micak and Martin Zeilinger.


Keiko Hart practices pronunciations of self through expressions of language, race, gender and queerness. They employ digitally mediated performances to explore in-between spaces that defy definition.

Instagram: @cakeoh

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