Dec 1, 2022

Nebulous Straits - Public Talkback Session

Thursday, December 1 | 6—7:30pm EDT

Online Via Zoom

FREE (register here)

You're invited to join a pubic talkback session with the 'Nebulous Straits' resident artists - Rihab Essayh, Josephine Lee, and Faune Ybarra - co-hosted by Diasporic Futurisms and InterAccess.


As considerations of what futurisms of many different diasporas in art are expanded, visions of collective futures can become cloudy. However, ‘Nebulous Straits’ offers an approach to diasporic futurisms that allows diasporic artists to find tethers to vast oceans of knowledge and care that center the notion that many voices, perspectives, and visions can be made possible alongside and in support of one another.

‘Nebulous Straits’ is a virtual residency hosted by Diasporic Futurisms. The residency is facilitating space for three residents, Rihab Essayh, Josephine Lee, and Faune Ybarra, to:

  • expand their community through weekly meetings
  • build on their knowledge of the field of practice through group discussions, readings, and discussions
  • develop a new or existing project relating to themes of diasporic futurism
  • participate in a public feedback session
  • and exhibit their artwork in a cumulative online exhibition

Each artist is developing their work in this residency in relation to a wide array of themes and within different modes of production—making dandelion jam and sewing leaves as de-colonial gestures, developing armour for marginalized people that cares for the wearer, and building digitized visions of textile worlds in SketchUp that honour the collective agencies of SWANA women.


This public talkback session serves as an opportunity for each of the residents to present the work they’ve developed in the program and preview some of the work that will be included in the virtual exhibition.

The last thirty minutes of the session will be dedicated to responding to curator and audience questions.

The ‘Nebulous Straits’ virtual exhibition will run from December 1 – December 15 and can be accessed via

‘Nebulous Straits’ is funded through the Toronto Arts Council.

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