Feb 1, 2023

2022 InterAccess Media Arts Prize Artist Presentations

Wednesday, February 1 | 6-9pm
In-person at InterAccess
FREE (register here)

Join us in the studio on Wednesday January 25th for an exciting night of presentations by the 2022 Media Art Prize finalists!

Join artists Cindy Vu, Jeffrey Tse, and Shiann Nias as they take you through their practices in a series of short talks and artistic demos. Work from the artists will also be available for purchase night of.


Jeffrey Tse is a multimedia artist from Markham, Ontario. Starting from a young age, he found an interest in creating digital forms of familiar ideas and concepts. He recently graduated from the University of Toronto, majoring in New Media Studies and Linguistics, and is currently pursuing a certificate in New Media Design from Centennial College. His practice ranges in mediums, from graphic and web design to video production. His most recent interest in video game development has allowed him to explore how old games can become repurposed in an increasingly computerized environment.

Cindy Vu has been a digital artist and game designer for 6 years. Cindy’s biggest accomplishment is being awarded ‘Finalist’ in Ubisoft’s Toronto Womxn Develop competition. Different editions of her game series: The Spaceman & The Strategist have also been selected for the Digital Media showcase consistently. Cindy is involved in projects supervised by faculty across the University around digitization and web-hosted content, such as with Professor Gillian Parekh (CRC Disability Studies in Education) where she created iconography for communities of dis-and differing ability for interactive online presentation.

Shiann Nias; surreal animator, and Toronto based art human. She is a holder of a New Media Bachelor of Fine Arts. She specializes in animation, digital illustration, and creative coding. Her most recent works include a series of illustrations journaling the going-ons of a bunny travelling through the galaxy on a giant keychain (The Keychain Bunny), the search for and mutations of six Earth travellers (ASTROnauts), and a programming project - a personality test from space (ARC-TYPES). She is also the brainchild and "human vessel" for the anarchistgalaxy; a world beyond Earth, and amalgamation of Shiann's love of body horror, street art, data art, and science fiction. Together with the monsters and bombastic plantes chilling in space, Shiann tries to understand being human.


There are several steps up to the main entrance of InterAccess. Our main entrance has an automatic door. Once inside, all facilities are on the same level and our bathroom is fully accessible.

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