Jun 6 - 7, 2024

Rangeele Yantra, Varun Vachhar

Gallery Hours
Thursday, June 6 | 11 – 6PM
Friday, June 7 | 11 – 3PM

Opening Reception
Thursday, June 6 | 4 – 6PM


Rangeele Yantra, which translates to "Chromatic Machines" in Hindi, is an exhibition showcasing a collection of procedural and generative digital works by Varun Vachhar. The artworks, shown as screen-based animation, prints, and projections, delve into the fusion of colour systems with procedurally generated minimalist geometry, illustrating the interplay between form and colour by creating captivating visuals using algorithms and unconventional shapes.



Nalee (नली) is inspired by Delhi's vibrant mix of the industrial [versus] the organic [and] the twisting forms reminiscent of veins beneath the surface, transform[ing] the cold, industrial connotations of the pipe motif into flowing, organic patterns.

Painting with gradients is powered by a custom AI model trained on mesh gradients  to produce captivating, ethereal, and blurry textures.

Meromorphic Functions uses a visualization of complex numbers to create endlessly shifting landscapes.

Zhi (ਜ਼੍ਹੀ) combines layered waves with stacked grids to create a meditative and repetitive visual rhythm.

Rangeele Yantra reveals the expressive potential of structured systems [as the] deceptively simple aesthetic encourages reflection on its intricate connections.



Varun Vachhar is a Toronto-based generative artist. Originally from New Delhi, his work combines minimalist geometry with dynamic color systems and looping motion. Initially drawn to programming through Processing, Varun transitioned to software development by day while continuing his generative art practice. Over the past decade, he has explored the interplay of structure and fluidity. His art prioritizes pure aesthetic and form, creating captivating works that reveal the beauty inherent in structured systems.



The InterAccess Gateway (IA Gateway) program facilitates low-barrier, no-cost access to gallery space for new media artists within our community. “Gateway” is an entry point; the term refers to network gateways, telecommunication devices that allow for the flow and translation of data between separate networks – an apt metaphor for the responsibility of organizations to provide resources and support to the artists in their community. 

Images courtesy of the artist. 



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