Jun 13, 2024
8:50 - 9:30PM

Toronto Arts Council's 50th Anniversary Celebration at Luminato in the Square

June 13, 2024 at 8:50 – 9:30PM
David Pecaut Square (215 King St W, Toronto)
FREE entry 

InterAccess will be featuring three talented visual artists from our community as part of TAC’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, alongside a musical performance from DJ Berma and BLAKKPHAROAH. Programming organized by TAC starts at 6:30PM, encompassing an all-ages celebration of dance, music, visual/media art and community. Main stage and on-the ground performances will showcase just some of the dynamic work that TAC funds while family-friendly interactive arts activities will give attendees the opportunity to create and innovate together.  

Curated by Evangeline Y Brooks. 



Meghan Cheng is a violinist and creative technologist. She creates artwork in the form of light and sound sculptures, projection mapping or screen-based work for live performances, galleries and public spaces. Cheng makes technology driven artwork that feels tangible, relatable and natural through the use of hand drawn images, photography, acoustic instrumental music as well as generative forms. Cheng has a master’s in fine arts from York University (Toronto, ON) and a Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA). 

Dan Tapper is an artist and creative technologist interested in the intersection between information and experience. His work focuses on the unseen and unheard, using radio and imaging technologies to capture the sounds of the earth’s ionosphere, map supernovas, and capture microscopic worlds. By utilizing elements of conceptual art and science in his work, Tapper draws attention to the unperceived wonders that surround us and the poetry that can be found in data. 

Ilze Briede, a.k.a. Kavi, is a Latvian/Canadian artist and researcher working across multiple disciplines, including visual art, interactive installation and live performance. Her creative practice and academic research encompass working with live data sets and designing systems to turn data into visceral experiences. Kavi sees data as a living material that can express its essence and inner truth through creative, technological and artistic interventions. She is currently pursuing a PhD degree in Computational Art at York University. 

Evangeline Y Brooks is a postcyber artist working to maintain sustainable and accessible artist communities in online and DIY spaces, against cultures of immediacy, with sincerity and radical compassion. Her practice engages with digital imagery bridging into “real-life” through physical fabrication, passing data back and forth over mediums and celebrating lost information. She is the Programming Manager at InterAccess and co-hosts the monthly A/V showcase ponyHAUS.



For 10 days from June 7 - 16, David Pecaut Square will be transformed into Luminato in the Square, where festivalgoers will have free entry to enjoy concerts, performances, interactive activities, food vendors, and bustling markets. This lively outdoor festival atmosphere complements to create a rich 2024 experience that will animate the city in fresh and surprising ways.  



Toronto Arts Council (TAC) is the City of Toronto’s funding body for artists and arts organizations. Since 1974, TAC has offered innovative and responsive programs, enabling artists and arts organizations to explore, create and thrive. With funding of over $25 million annually, TAC grants lead to exhibitions, performances, readings and workshops seen each year by over 5 million people across the city. TAC is proud to play a leadership role in fostering Toronto’s dynamic and diverse arts scene.

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