Oct 22 - Nov 7, 2009

Beta: Travel an Inch, Erode a Day

Christina Kostoff and Raz Rotem

InterAccess is pleased to present Travel an Inch, Erode a Day, the first installment in our beta series of members-driven exhibitions and featuring the work of recent graduates Christina Kostoff (the recipient of InterAccess' Media Arts at OCAD 2009 prize) and Raz Rotem.

Please join us for the opening reception on October 22 at 7pm.

beta provides InterAccess members an opportunity to exhibit and test work that is new or even still in development. This series of exhibitions is meant to strengthen the connection between the production and exhibition of new media work at InterAccess by showcasing members' projects in the gallery.

The beta programme launched in 2007 with beta in Beta, an exhibition of work by Malka Greene, Dave Kemp, Mark Andre Pennock, and Niknaz Tavakolian. Based on the success of that pilot project, InterAccess is making beta a regular part of its exhibition schedule. In their capacity as board members, both Malka Greene and Dave Kemp have returned to help select artists to show in beta.

Christina Kostoff's work is often based on investigations into kinetic and mechanical processes. In her works for this exhibition, Pressing Print (2008-9) and Travel an Inch, Erode a Day (2008-9), Kostoff has created two kinetic works which examine the poetic possibilities of mechanical processes and their ability to affect change in objects.

Raz Rotem presents two works, Ottawa Tea (2008-9) and The Curse of Macha (2008-9), both based on his continuing research into mythology and spirituality. The works respond to the Celtic myth of the Curse of Macha, in which an angered goddess curses nine generations of Ultonian males to suffer the pain of her childbirth during the times of their greatest need.


Christina Kostoff is an emerging artist working in kinetic sculpture and installation, and her work often involves a time based, multi perceptual experience. She often creates kinetic scenarios where raw material and found objects are working together to form new relationships between material, function and object.

Christina began her work in local theatre as a performer and then as a set builder. She left the world of theatre to pursue her fine arts degree from the Ontario College of Art and Design.

Christina is the 2009 recipient of the InterAccess Media Arts Prize.

During her studies, Christina�s work received academic recognition. She was awarded the OCAD Sculpture Faculty Award for two consecutive years, and the Mary E. Dignam Scholarship from the Women's Art Association. She has been exhibiting locally for several years, and is currently developing a new body of work. Christina was born in Vancouver, B.C. She now lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.


Raz Rotem was born in Toronto, Ontario in the early 1980s and grew up in a rural community in northern Israel from an early age. In 2005, Rotem moved back to Toronto to become a student at the Ontario College of Art and Design, where he received a BFA in the Sculpture and Installation department. During that time he also worked at the Writing and Learning Centre at OCAD as a class assistant. That experience gave another layer to his interest in education and art education (it runs in the family). Since graduating in spring 2009, Rotem has been working as a floral designer and an assistant at the Writing and Learning Centre at OCAD. He lives in Toronto.

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