Sep 14 - Dec 1, 2007

Sound Cycles and Mobile City

Sound cycles- David McCallum, Jessica Thompson. Mobile City- Julie Andreyev, Dave Kemp, Stephanie Rothenberg

Two exhibitions about moving through the city

Sound Cycles: September 14- December 1, 2007
Mobile City: September 29- December 1, 2007

Reception and Party for both: Saturday, September 29: 7:03pm onwards (in conjunction with Nuit Blanche)

nterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre proudly presents fall exhibitions that move you in many ways

Off-site exhibition
David McCallum, Jessica Thompson

Julie Andreyev, Dave Kemp, Stephanie Rothenberg

JOIN US Saturday September 29 at 7:03 pm for the opening reception of both exhibitions, and related performances all through Nuit Blanche. Come down for a midnight sound ride, a navigational walk, an audio-video performance and a camera obscura van ride home!


7:03PM: Camera Obscura Ride with Dave Kemp: Tour the Nuit Blanche zones A, B and C inside a camera obscura

8:30PM: Collective Simulated Synaesthesia performance with Stephanie Rothenberg

9:30PM: An audio-video performance by Julie Andreyev and Simon Overstall

11PM: Bike Hack Workshop with Jessica Thompson: sign up now!

12AM: Group Sound Ride: bring your bike and join us!

6AM EARLY MORNING: Drive home with Dave! Show up at InterAccess at 6:03 p.m. And Dave Kemp will give you a ride home inside a camera obscura. Yes, we are serious.


A 2 person off-site exhibition

Curated by Dana Samuel

SOUND CYCLES, featuring local artists David McCallum and Jessica Thompson, is an off-site exhibition that allows participants to sign out bicycles that have been modified by the artists to emit sound in clever and quirky ways. SOUND CYCLES opens Wednesday, September 19. Come on down to InterAccess from 12-5pm, Wednesdays through Saturdays to sign out a bicycle.


Jessica Thompson, SOUNDBIKE

SOUNDBIKE is a portable sound piece that uses motion-based mini-generators mounted to an ordinary bicycle to broadcast the sound of laughter as the bike is pedaled through the urban environment.

The laughter is generated by playing sequences of short source clips that start when the bike reaches a cruising speed, and then respond to the bike's velocity. The piece is exhibited by loaning the bike on an honour system.

By broadcasting sound directly as a result of his or her motion and gesture, the rider simultaneously occupies the role of controller, performer and audience, becoming part of the acoustic ecology of the city through technological intervention.

SOUNDBIKE was premiered at Glowlab: Open Lab, an eight-week psychogeography festival and exhibition at Art Interactive in Boston.

SOUNDBIKE was also curated into Art Basel Miami Beach Art Projects, December 1-4, 2005 by Natalie Kovacs.

SOUNDBIKE was supported by the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council.

David McCallum, Warbike

Did you know that almost anywhere that you go in a city you'll be sharing space with someone's private wireless computer network? All of their personal communication- e-mail, love messages, bank passwords, and bizarre surfing habits -will be passing through your body without your awareness. Who are they, and how do you feel about sharing space with their personal life?

The Warbike turns this wireless network activity into sound. As you cycle the streets, you'll hear the activity of this invisible communications layer that permeates our public spaces. Who knew that so much was going on?


Jessica Thompson is a Canadian new media artist. Her mobile sound pieces enable audience members to create user-defined spaces and situations within the urban environment through game playing and public performance. Her projects have been shown in exhibitions and festivals such as New Territories, (ARCO 2005, Madrid) Glowlab Open Lab, (Cambridge, MA) MACO, (Mexico City) dp003, (Dundee, Scotland) ISEA 2006, (San Jose, CA) and the 2006 Confux Festival. (New York). Her project, SOUNDBIKE, was curated into Art Projects at Art Basel Miami Beach by Canadian curator, Natalie Kovacs, in December 2005 and will be shown at the Kunsthallen Braenderigarden, Viborg, Denmark, this September. Her work is represented by p|m Gallery in Toronto (

David McCallum is the Editor at Musicworks Magazine, a musician and sound artist. His work has focused on improvised music, DIY electronics, and locative media. Groups and projects have included the WARBIKE, a mobile sonification of WiFi networks; InterAccess's I/O Media and the Live Electroacoustic Research Kitchen improv groups; and You Say Potatoe, I Say Potato: a study in the sonic properties of genetically modified potatoes. Visit his site at:


For Nuit Blanche, Thompson will be facilitating a Bike Hack Workshop and Soundride. During the workshop, participants will construct bicycle-mounted noisemakers made of contact microphones, playing cards, and mini amplifiers. Participants will then be invited to mount these devices to their bicycles and join the artist in a midnight mobile sound performance through the streets of Toronto. For more information, please go to: Registration now open- hurry! Only 15 spots available.

Photo Credits: Tina Louise Hunderup, Thinking Metropolis Biennale, David McCallum, and Risa Horowitz


Curated by Dana Samuel

In this group exhibition and related performances, artists explore ways in which we move and find our way around our urban landscape. Using high and low technology, they ask questions about how we get from one place to another - and let you interact and find your way along side them.

Toronto-based artist Dave Kemp presents us with one of the earliest technologies of looking: a camera obscura - this one is built inside a white cube van. Taking participants and viewers for a ride both virtually and in real space, Taken examines our relationship to perception, and turns it on its head.

Camera Obscura Rides:
Saturday, October 13, 12-5pm
Saturday, November 10, 12-5pm
Saturday, December 1, 12-5pm

Stephanie Rothenberg, from New York, examines real and mythical technologies in her performative works. In Collective Simulated Synaesthesia she recalibrates your internal rhythms using the body's own frequencies to create a healthy external field. The procedure offsets the harmful effects of pervasive radiation frequencies emitted from mobile devices such as computers, hand-held devices, satellites, and power grids.

Vancouver's Julie Andreyev uses audio and video recordings generated by a custom-equipped, data-gathering car driven through the city. Cameras and interactive technologies provide recorded video imagery of the city manipulated by the interaction of the car and driver. These video and audio records are the playlist used to generate a live video panorama and a musical soundscape during a performance.

9 Ossington Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M6J 2Y8
416 599 7206
General inquiries: help [dot] me [at]
Media inquiries: publicity [at]
Gallery hours: Wednesday through Saturday 12-5pm

Past exhibition
Apr 24 - May 11, 2024

+1-home―Nada El-Omari and Sonya Mwambu

+1-home is custom-made to InterAccess’s immersive projection environment as a two-player interactive experience, developed with the support of InterAccess’s inaugural IA 360º Artists-in-Residence program.

Past exhibition
Jan 17 - Feb 17, 2024

Kaboos: An exhibition of nightmares―Mehrnaz Abdoos

2023 Media Arts Prize Winner Exhibition; A personal narrative of the artist, Kaboos exhibits Mehrnaz Abdoos’ nightmares and how she pieces her life together with them through a 3D rendered environment. 


Past exhibition
Jan 17 - Feb 17, 2024

once more, once again ―Ghislan Sutherland-Timm

2023 Media Arts Prize Winner Exhibition; once more, once again engages with the revitalization of found objects activated through an orchestral and unorthodox play of sight and sound. 

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