Upcoming exhibition
Mar 27 - May 6, 2023

IA 360°: Full Launch Programming

After five years in the making, InterAccess is proud to launch Toronto’s only artist accessible immersive 360° projection environment – IA 360°. The IA 360° transforms InterAccess’s gallery space, encouraging artists to leverage sensory intensity for critical thinking. In celebration, InterAccess has programed events running from March to May 2023 to provide a broad selection of entry points for artists, from exhibition and performance opportunities to critical artist panels and roundtables.  


Past exhibition
Sep 14 - Dec 1, 2007

Sound Cycles and Mobile City―Sound cycles- David McCallum, Jessica Thompson. Mobile City- Julie Andreyev, Dave Kemp, Stephanie Rothenberg

Two exhibitions about moving through the citySound Cycles: September 14- December 1, 2007
Mobile City: September 29- December 1, 2007Reception and Party for both: Saturday, September 29: 7:03pm onwards (in conjunction with Nuit Blanche)

nterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre proudly presents fall exhibitions that move you in many ways

Off-site exhibition
David McCallum, Jessica Thompson

Julie Andreyev, Dave Kemp, Stephanie Rothenberg

Past exhibition
Jul 13 - Aug 6, 2007

Two Steps Back―Featuring Adam Bellavance, Jason de Haan, Kristen Kellar, Derek Liddington, Laura Paolini, Matthew Willamson. Curated by Sarah Todd

Canada's most promising emerging new media artists showcase their work at InterAccess

Technology and failure go hand in hand, sometimes with disastrous consequences, though more often with a sadly comic twist. Two Steps Back is interested in this game of trial and error� the featured artists play with glitches, futility, randomness and ridiculousness. The fraught relationship between machines and their shortcomings is often represented as apocalyptic and ominous.

Past exhibition
Jul 4 - 7, 2007

BETA in Beta―Niknaz Tavakolian, Dave Kemp, Malka Greene, Mark Andre Pennock. Curated by Jennifer Cherniack

InterAccess is pleased to present BETA in beta, the first exhibition in the InterAccess beta series.

beta is a pilot project to showcase the work of our members and strengthen the connection between the production and exhibition phases of new media art at InterAccess.

Past exhibition
May 25 - Jun 16, 2007

Whose Body is It, Anyway?―Monir Moniruzzaman & Jack Butler. Curated by Camille Turner Presented in partnership with Subtle Technologies Festival 2007



Past exhibition
Apr 6 - May 12, 2007

The Watchman―Shona Illingworth. Curated by Rhonda Corvese

InterAccess is pleased to present The Watch Man, a new major video and sound installation by internationally acclaimed London-based artist Shona Illingworth. In the exhibition, the artist weaves together the physical and the psychological, creating an immersive environment where a complex sound composition surrounds the viewer. Using feonic audio technologies originally developed by the US Navy, the installation activates the gallery space, turning the floor into a speaker that resonates with sound.

Past exhibition
Feb 2 - Mar 17, 2007

Zoo―Ingrid Bachmann, Garnet Hertz, Amy Youngs

InterAccess is pleased to present ZOO, an exhibition of three works by three artists that artfully integrate natural and artificial life, colliding the realm of living things with the genre of creative electronics. Artists Ingrid Bachmann, Garnet Hertz and Amy Youngs explore the complex relationship between technology, culture and nature. This exhibition includes a cockroach-controlled robot, a holodeck for house crickets and hermit crabs that surf the net! Read the essay by Matthew Brower here.

Past exhibition
Nov 24, 2006 - Jan 13, 2007

FLOCK [in]―PLAN B (Marc Fournel and Thomas Oulette Fredericks)

Join the flock and play with our fuzzy balls at InterAccess . . .

Curated by Caroline Seck Langill

Past exhibition
Sep 21 - Nov 4, 2006

Traps―Finnbogi Pétursson. Curated by Scott McLeod

Artist talk at InterAccess
Wednesday, September 27 at 7 PM
Finnbogi Pétursson discusses his work and practice.

Between Sound and Vision
Scott McLeod

In a time when the art and culture of Iceland holds considerable international appeal, Finnbogi Pétursson has emerged as one of that country's most respected and acclaimed contemporary artists. With a practice that spans more than 20 years, Pétursson has earned a solid reputation as an innovative artist whose work defies convention and easy categorization.

Past exhibition
Jul 14 - Aug 12, 2006

Press Play―Alison S. M. Kobayashi, Paula Jean Cowan, Darsha Hewitt, Stephanie Brodéur, John Smith, Lorena Salomé and Simone Charles

The 6th Annual InterAccess Emerging Artists Exhibition

InterAccess is pleased to present Press Play an energetic showcase of dynamic new works in electronic media. The exhibit features six emerging artists who playfully intervene both old and new technologies in order to expose the cultural conditions that shape modern life. Exploring the sometimes humourous, sometimes dystopic theatre of the everyday, these artists investigate how our values and perceptions are infused not only in our behaviours but also in the technologies that we create.