Published Jun 17, 2016

Vector Festival Programming Announced!

InterAccess is pleased to announce the programming lineup for the fourth annual Vector Festival. Vector Festival is a participatory and community-oriented initiative dedicated to showcasing digital games and creative media practices. This year’s festival is co-curated by Skot Deeming and Martin Zeilinger and explores themes of autonomous algorithms and machines through emergent media art practices, live performance, screenings, workshops, and lectures. The Festival takes place across multiple venues in Toronto from July 14-17, 2016. Festival passes are available for just $25 and offer FREE access to screening and performance events. Plus, Festival Pass holders get a free drip coffee from Sam James Coffee Bar (Queen St. W. location) throughout the duration of the exhibition.

For a complete schedule and to purchase your festival pass, visit



OPENING NIGHT at InterAccess

VIP Preview
Join co-curators Skot Deeming and Martin Zeilinger for a private tour of the exhibition, The Algorithmic Imagination, and preview the festival's upcoming events. Tickets to this event include free access to Vector screening and performance events. (5:30-6:30pm, $100)

Launch Party and Opening Reception
We kick off Vector Festival 2016 with an energized evening at InterAccess. Festival curators, artists and performers will be in attendance. The works in The Algorithmic Imagination explore the artistic potentials of algorithmic processes. These processes, expressed in the exhibition in kinetic sculptures and screen-based works, are perched between the appropriated and the pre-determined, the autonomous and the random. (7-10pm, FREE)




Basement Revolutionaries, Curated by Amber Christensen and Clint Enns
at Cinecycle
In a time and place awash in the detritus of early 21st Century capitalism, we look to our basement revolutionaries to lead us not upwards but downwards into a bunker of safety to wait it out. Duck and cover, and grab a snack…it may be your only way to survive. (8-11pm, $15)




Sonic Pi Live Coding Introductory Workshop, facilitated by Martin Zeilinger
at InterAccess
Live coding is an exciting form of experimental digital sound-making that uses on-the-fly programming techniques to mix traditional improvisation with algorithmic composition. This workshop will introduce you to create live electronic through simple programming techniques using a mix of sound synthesis and digital sampling. In the practice of live coding, the computer code you enter yields an instant sonic feedback. No prior programming skills required. (11am-3pm, $45 regular/$35 member)


Ascend and Relinquish
at Artscape Youngplace (107)
Join us for an evening of performances that bridge the spaces between the composed and the improvised, the generative and the algorithmic, the analog and the digital. Featuring live coding, modular synthesis and generative visuals, performers explore the boundaries of control within sonic and visual apparatuses. Featuring Karl Fousek with Dan Browne, and Spectral Sound System (Michael Trommer and Eric Filion). (Doors at 8pm, $15)




Algorithms, Generative Art, Machine Agency
at InterAccess
In conversation and open discussion with participating festival artists and performers, Vector Co-Curator Martin Zeilinger explores some of the underlying concerns and questions that inform this year’s events: What makes generative art? Can algorithms ever be creative agents? What is the future of the digital as an expressive medium? Featuring Dan Browne, Eric Filion, Karl Fousek, Justine Lugli, and Michael Trommer. (1-3pm, FREE)

at Reposado
Celebrate another year of Vector with a live performance by Castle If. (8-11pm, FREE)



Art on the BIG Screens
Vector Festival Preview
July 11, 8-10pm
at Celebration Square, Mississauga
Works by COLL.EO and Brent Watanabe

The Algorithmic Imagination
July 15 – August 13
at InterAccess
Works by COLL.EO, Adam Donovan, Justine Lugli, and Brent Watanabe

Davis Heslep
July 1-31
at Loop Hole

A. Bill Miller
July 14-17
at Common Sort



July 13, 8-11pm
at Electric Perfume
with screening curated by Clint Enns


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