Published Dec 12, 2017

We're moving!

We are thrilled to announce that we are moving to a new venue in Toronto’s west end, on the border between Dovercourt Park and Davenport neighbourhood.

This move comes at a critical moment in InterAccess’s legacy, overlapping with our 35th anniversary in 2018. Our new venue will be a playground for experimentation, critical engagement, and community. We’re thrilled to unveil a new venue, new ideas, and a new chapter, and hope you will join us to build a vibrant and engaged community of artists and creative practitioners.

We will be reopening our facilities during Winter 2018 at 950 Dupont St, at the corner of Dupont and Dovercourt. We have designed our new facilities to support cross-pollination between all activities, and will be launching a new gallery space and production studio, side by side.

We'll be announcing our programming plans (and details for the launch party!) early in the new year.

Stay turned!

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