Published Aug 13, 2019

Call for Works

Deadline: September 14, 2019 (11:59PM)

Responding to a technological moment in which social media algorithms privilege politically divisive content, the 2019 IA Current exhibition will address the “invisible" algorithms that govern digital infrastructures. 

This exhibition, co-curated by emerging curators Sophia Oppel & Philip Leonard Ocampo, will highlight the political underpinnings of these communicative apparatuses and consider how power can materialize tangibly. It will examine the seamless aesthetics of consumer technologies and online interfaces that typically go unnoticed, and will question their supposed neutrality.

The exhibition aims to promote discussion about algorithmic governance and the ease with which global citizens engage with platforms that treat behavioural data as a commodity. By selecting works that manipulate the tools used by surveillance capitalists for insurgent purposes, we hope this exhibition can return some agency back to the user.

The curators welcome submissions from all new media arts disciplines, with an emphasis on digital media relating to surveillance capitalism and the intake of online information (or misinformation).


Behavioural surplus, big data, surveillance capitalism, extraction, coercion, invisibility, control, whistleblowing, infrastructure/architecture, power, algorithmic governance, echo chambers


● Project description and artist statement (2 pages maximum)

● Documentation (maximum five images and one video; please provide a URL)

● Detailed description of technical requirements (please outline materials provided by the artist and materials expected from InterAccess)

● Current CV (3 pages maximum)

● Artist biography (100 words)

Please send your submissions to using the subject line, “IA Current Artwork Submission”.


● The exhibition will take place at InterAccess from November 6 – December 7, 2019.

● Selected artists will be notified in September 2019.

● All artworks must be ready for exhibition by October 31, 2019. The artist must be present for installation unless previous arrangements have been made in writing.

● All participating artists will receive an artist fee.


The InterAccess Current (IA Current) program supports the professional development of emerging curators and artists interested in new media and electronic practices. Each year, InterAccess selects an emerging curator, who works closely with InterAccess staff to conceptualize and execute an exhibition of works by emerging artists. “Current” refers to the now, of course, but it is also an energetic charge that causes light, heat and all manner of electronic life; an apt metaphor for emergent creative practices within the ever-expanding field of new media. 

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