Published Sep 6, 2019


Acclaimed Canadian artists Daniel Young and Christian Giroux, working with the designer Katja Gretzinger, have produced an artist book that begins from the conceit that the Internet is the final and ultimate venue for all art. Didactically titled, A-BOOK-THAT-IS-A-WEBSITE-FOR-A-FILM-THAT-IS-A-SCULPTURE.CGDY.COM is an experimental artist publication that combines frame scans from a 35mm motion picture film with exhibition documentation, in-process photography, concept images, and design and engineering drawings from their sculpture that is a film: Film Path / Camera Path with under-titles.

Film Path / Camera Path with under-titles began with the desire to collide the projected image with the apparatus of its presentation and the moving image with sculpture, and found its form by synchronizing a camera path with the path of a film loop. Working with geometry consultants and animators in a virtual environment, a closed complex knot that operates as a film path was developed. The resulting artwork is a tangle of 35mm motion picture film with images produced from the vantage point of its own surface.

Thirteen artists, theorists, poets, and writers provided texts that were displayed as under-titles for the piece, encoding their own narratives, subjectivities, and tonalities into the work itself. These texts extend the struggle between sculpture and moving image, producing a synesthetic experience of competing forms.

Contributing writers are John Barlow, Ina Blom, Eric Cazdyn, Geoffrey Farmer, Agnieszka Gratza, Daniel Hambleton, Erin Moure, Bridget Moser, Judy Radul, Patricia Reed, Reza Negarestani, Mohammand Salemy, and Michael Snow. Expanded project texts are provided by Reza Negarestani and Mohammad Salemy as a PDF.

A-BOOK-THAT-IS-A-WEBSITE-FOR-A-FILM-THAT-IS-A-SCULPTURE.CGDY.COM is published by Broken Dimanche Press to coincide with the commission of Film Path / Camera Path with under-titles by InterAccess. The work was exhibited at InterAccess (March 6–May 4, 2019) before touring to the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (June 8–October 6, 2019).

A book presentation and select reading of the texts will be held by Broken Dimanche Press on Thursday September 12, at 7pm, Friedrichstraße 23a, 10969, Berlin.

A-BOOK-THAT-IS-A-WEBSITE-FOR-A-FILM-THAT-IS-A-SCULPTURE.CGDY.COM is available directly from Art Metropole, Printed Matter, and Broken Dimanche Press.   

ISBN: 978-3-943196-76-4

This publication was created with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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