Published Nov 23, 2021

2021 Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, December 7, 2021 | 6:30—7:30 (EST)

Online via Zoom (link available upon registration)



The Annual General Meeting provides members with insight into the progress of the organization over the past year and a chance to help to determine InterAccess’s future. At the AGM, every member in good standing has the right to vote. The Membership are asked to vote on two crucial administrative issues:

1) The approval of the Audited Financial Statements from the previous year and the appointment of the auditors for the upcoming year.

2) The election of a Board of Directors for the coming year.

Those interested in joining the Board of Directors must have nominations from two members in good standing and submit their intention to stand for election, along with the nominations, by November 30, 2021. Please see below for the relevant section of the bylaws.



Members who cannot attend the AGM may vote by proxy. This means that you assign another InterAccess member in good standing to vote on your behalf on issues that are presented in the agenda. Proxy votes do not count toward motions not listed on the agenda.

You may assign a proxy by completing this form.



All memberships have been frozen since March 2020. If you were a member at that time, you are still  considered an active member in good standing and are eligible to vote. If you have questions about your membership status, you can email InterAccess's Education & Outreach Coordinator Belinda Kwan



We are required to provide an Agenda and the minutes from the previous AGM for review in advance of the meeting. Below is the Agenda for the upcoming AGM.


1. Call to Order

2. Introductions

3. Approval of the Agenda

4. Approval of last year’s minutes

5. Overview of Organization and Review of 2020 activities

6. Presentation of 2020 Financial Statements

7. Approval of 2020 Audited Financial Statements

8. Appointment of the Auditor for 2021

9. Election of the Board of Directors

11. Adjournment






3.2.1 The elected Directors shall each hold office for a period of two years.


3.2.2 Potential candidates must be nominated by two Members of the organization and may be drawn from Members and non-members, provided that the nonmembers pay Membership Dues within 10 days of being elected to the Board of Directors. All nominations must be received in writing by the nominations committee at least 14 days in advance of the General Meeting to elect Directors.


3.2.3 Each Member is allowed one vote per nominated candidate. A combined secret ballot is held to determine all the positions. The candidates receiving the highest numbers of votes, and at least a simple majority of voters, are thereby elected. In the case of a stalemate, a new vote is held between those candidates who received an equal number of votes.


3.2.4 The Board of Directors may appoint an interim Director to occupy a vacated position. This election must be ratified by a simple majority of voters at the AGM within 90 days of this appointment.






4.1.1 Each Member of InterAccess is entitled to one vote for each resolution adopted at a General Meeting.


4.1.2 The Secretary of the Board of Directors shall act as Secretary of the General Meeting.




4.2.1 General Meetings may not occur more than four times per year, and may not occur less than once per year.


4.2.2 A General Meeting may be called by the Board of Directors with 14 days notice.


4.2.3 A General Meeting may be called by 20% of the Membership in one of two ways: 1) At a Board Meeting, 2) in writing to the Board Chair with agenda items. Members must give the Board 30 days advance notice in writing when requesting such a meeting. In such a case, the Membership must be notified of the General Meetings 14 days in advance in writing.


4.2.4 The agenda must accompany this notification.


4.2.5 The accidental non-receipt of a notice by any of the Members entitled to receive such notice does not invalidate proceedings at that meeting.




4.3.1 20% of the Membership in attendance constitutes quorum.


4.3.2 Members may vote by proxy on items set out in the agenda. Members may only vote by proxy once per year. Members may hold only one proxy vote at a time. Members must sign an InterAccess Proxy form, which will be distributed with the agenda and posted on the website, and return the form to InterAccess administration by the time of the General Meeting.


4.3.3 Voting is decided by a simple majority of those present. In the event of a stalemate, the Chairperson has a second vote, or may defer the matter until a future meeting.


4.3.4 If less than 20% of the Membership appear to constitute a meeting, and it happens that there are urgent motions on the agenda, then the meeting is rescheduled to a time not less than two weeks and not more than one month in the future. At that time, a simple majority of Members as are present may constitute the meeting and voting on motions may proceed.


Staff of InterAccess:


Ginger Scott

Executive Director


Belinda Kwan

Education & Outreach Coordinator


Megan MacLaurin

Programming Coordinator


Board of Directors 2020/21:


Michael Awad, Rob Cruickshank, Marc De Pape, David Han, Adam Herst, Layne Hinton, Car Martin, and Greg J. Smith.


InterAccess is a registered, charitable artist-run centre that enables artists and the general public to explore the intersections of art and technology.


InterAccess gratefully acknowledges the support of the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Canada Council for the Arts for their continued support.

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