Published Nov 28, 2023

Call for 2024 Programming Committee Members

InterAccess is looking for active new media artists, curators, writers, and community members to join the 2024 Programming Committee.


InterAccess’s Programming Committee is composed of current staff, board members, and practicing new media artists, curators, and academics, and is responsible for helping guide the programming direction of the centre and providing feedback on exhibition and programming proposals. The committee is vital to ensuring InterAccess's programming represents the breadth of voices in today’s new media arts community.

The Programming Committee meets ad hoc, around three times a year to discuss Media Arts Prize nominations, IA Current emerging curator applications, and cold exhibition proposals.

The committee is of variable size with no less than four committee members meeting during synchronous meetings.

Participation is dependent on members’ schedules. Meetings run around 1 - 2 hours over Zoom, with around 1 - 2 hours of preparation to read through proposals in advance. As committee members are part of InterAccess’s governance, these are volunteer positions. Due to our restrictions of keeping these positions volunteer, participation is designed to be as flexible as possible to keep committee members engaged on their own terms.



As a member of the Programming Committee, you will agree to:

  1. Seek to participate in all meetings, and understand you are required to participate in at least one, either in real time via video chat or asynchronously via online documentation, within the year
  2. Uphold InterAccess’s Equity Policy and Community Guidelines (living documents)

Committee terms are one year long, from January 1 – December 31, 2024. Committee members will be offered to renew for a new term at the end of the year, given they have attended one meeting, adhered to the guidelines, and have interest and motivation to continue serving.

Regarding programming opportunities within their personal practice, committee members are:

  • Welcome to submit to curated open calls (such as Vector Festival and IA Current) as long as the committee member has previously excused themselves from the discussion on selecting the curator
  • Unable to apply for the IA Current curator position, be nominated for the Media Arts Prize, be considered for Vector Festival curatorial positions, or submit a cold exhibition proposal during their tenure. Committee members interested in these opportunities may step down from the committee to apply, and are welcome to return at any time, given the committee has capacity for new members.



  • Programming Committee meetings are held at minimum three times per year, roughly at the following times:
    • January – to discuss Vector Festival curator and cold proposals
    • May – to discuss Media Arts Prize nominees
    • July – to discuss IA Current applications
  • Documentation and evaluation rubrics are sent at least one week in advance of a meeting for review, with expected reading time of 1 – 2 hours
  • Meetings are held over video chat at a length of approximately 1 – 2 hours
  • Meeting times are selected by online poll and confirmed by the Programming Manager
  • For members unable to attend a meeting, comments and insights can be given to the rest of the committee through email or the online evaluation rubric
  • The Programming Committee is meant to advise and guide; final decisions and tie breaks are made by the Programming Manager, supported by InterAccess staff, capacity, and schedules



Application deadline: December 8, 2023

Notification by: December 15, 2023

To be considered for the Programming Committee, please email with the subject line:  <YOUR NAME> | Programming Committee Application 2024, and the following information:

  • Your name, name pronunciation, and pronouns (if desired)
  • Bio or statement, especially as it relates to new media
  • Short statement describing your interest in the IA Programming Committee and InterAccess’s community
  • Any additional notes, including communication or accessibility rider information, that would be helpful for us to know


Any other questions? Please reach out to the Programming Manager, Evangeline Brooks, at to get in touch.

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