Team Vektor
Feb 19, 2015

Vector Festival Workshop: Glitch.Jam.3

The return of Vector's immensely successful glitch.jam workshop!

What’s a Glitch.Jam? It’s part-workshop/ part jam, where Team Vector will walk you through the basics of circuit bending battery operated / plug and play gaming devices. We’ll show you how to crack them open, and how to employ a variety of techniques to create your own game glitches!

The workshop fee will include everything you need: the game consoles, tiny screwdrivers, alligator clips and leads, potentiometers,wires, soldering irons (and will help you with soldering if you need it), old TVs, and some VCRs to record your glitches.

February 19th 7-10PM
Purchase tickets (via EventBrite) here.

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