Kyle Duffield
Jul 31, 2014
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Creating Interactive Art Installations, Part 1: Introduction to Max 6

In this session:

In the first workshop of the series, we'll learn the basics of manipulating both pre-recorded and live video feeds in real-time. To get there, we'll use the Max 6 programming environment. 

Max 6 is a perfect tool for artists learning to create interactive installations, particularly those which use camera or audio input. It's a graphical approach to programming, in which artists create "patches" by visually connecting objects which represent inputs, outputs and functions, rather than typing out lines of code.

Through Max, we'll learn some concepts universal to programming and electronics, and harness this powerful tool to create an interactive video installation.

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Series Overview:
Learn to create interactive installations, where video, audio, and hardware respond to viewers. Using mostly a graphical programming interface, friendly for coding novices and masters alike, we’ll begin by creating video pieces which respond to viewer’s movements, as seen through a camera input. As the workshop continues, we’ll learn to manipulate sound and basic hardware objects. We’ll also tie that behavior to different types of input, allowing for more complicated and enriching types of user interaction.

This workshop series is divided into three sections. Attendants are free to join at any point in the series, or partake in all three. All three workshops will have interdependent concepts, yet will each focus on a specific techniques used in creating interactive installation art.

Are there knowledge/class prerequisites?
No prerequisite, we’re starting from scratch. Basic knowledge of audio/video an asset.

Give me an example of an artwork that uses Max:
David Rokeby needs no introduction and often tends to use Max as a major component for his projects. His piece Watch (1995-2008) uses some of the same basic techniques that we will discuss in this workshop.

What will I get to take home?
All patches created in the class will be available for the students as well as helpful resources created by the instructor.

What do I need to bring?
You'll need a laptop. A Mac is prefereable, but Max runs on PCs and our instructor Kyle has experience in both environments.
You'll have to download and install the Max 6 trial here:
Important note! The Max 6 Demo only works for 30 days! And our workshop is 3 weeks long! So don't install and run this until just before the workshop.

About the instructor
Kyle Duffield is a Toronto based intermedia artist and interactive designer. His primary works tend to combine audio, video, and various electronic devices into immersive interactive installations. Kyle is currently focusing on teaching interactive art and creating works in the realm of expanded cinema.


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