Kara Stone
Sep 15, 2015
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Interactive Text Games in Twine

In this workshop participants will explore the possibilities of interactive fiction by writing multi-linear stories and personal choose-your-own-adventure videogames in Twine, software for creating hypertext-based videogames. This workshop is in association with the emerging artist exhibition There Should Be Gardens in the gallery space from September 2 - 26, 2015.

Date: Tuesday September 15, 2015

Time: 7pm - 10pm

Registration Fee: $45 (members), $60 (non-members)

Material Fee: None.

What, if any, prerequisite knowledge should students have?  None. Familiarity with HTML or soft circuits is helpful but not necessary.

What to Bring:  A laptop.

Required Software: None

About the Instructor: Kara Stone is an art-maker creating videogames, interactive art and traditional crafts. She achieved an MA in Communication and Culture at a joint program at York and Ryerson University, focusing on mental health, affect, feminism, and videogames. Her work has been featured in Vice, Wired, The Atlantic, and NPR. It consists of feminist art with a focus on gendered perspectives of affect – but it’s much more fun than it sounds.


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