Peter Flemming
Jun 21, 2016
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Sun-drinkers Solar Energy Workshop with Peter Flemming


Come celebrate the Summer Solstice with artist Peter Flemming in a Sun-drinkers Solar Energy Workshop!

In this workshop you will create a simple, small sun-drinker from electronic components that can twitch, twitter or twinkle. Idly basking in sunlight, these entities slowly absorb electrical energy from a solar cell. When sufficiently sun- drunk, they burst into activity, releasing their accumulated power until depleted. Spent, the creatures then relax into resting lazy mode, starting their cycle afresh. 

You will:

  • learn how capacitors work
  • explore fundamentals of solar energy
  • learn how to solder a circuit board
  • come away with a permanently assembled circuit
  • look at examples of artworks using this technique 

Date: June 21

Time: 12pm - 4pm

Registration Fee: 

$75 Regular Price

$60 With Annual Studio/Workshop Pass (see below)

Material Fee: $25

What, if any, prerequisite knowledge should students have? None.

What to Bring: All materials will be provided. 

About the Instructor:  Peter Flemming is a full-time artist, part-time professor and some-time curator in MontrĂ©al. Research interests include ad hoc architecture, informal physics, electromagneticks, radio, neuromimes/neural networks, solar power, saunas. Flemming's work considers natural and technological ecologies, in site-specific installations and performance that are resolved intuitively and experimentally. Check out Peter's amazing work here


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