Cat Haines
Aug 2, 2021

Cyborg Bodies // Minecraft Creations

Part feminist theory, part artist talk, and part technical workshop—this session with cat haines explores how we can use Minecraft to transform our social and material realities to create new bodily possibilities. This workshop will specifically explore how to create a resource pack in Minecraft that renames and retextures a block to create new possibilities within the game as an artistic medium. We will explore how we can use this technique to (literally) re-skin blocks with textures from our own bodies, and name or rename these body parts as a form of social and linguistic intervention and to signal our lived realities.

This workshop is presented in partnership with Ender Gallery, as part of Vector Festival 2021.

About the Instructor

Cat Haines is a white genderqueer trans girl, dyke and emerging academic/artist weirdo from Treaty Four Territory. Cat's work focuses on ironic and playful readings of (oftentimes) second wave feminist texts and ideas, as well as an exploration and autotheoretical investigation into her surgically transitioned body, and how it is consumed by society. Cat was recently a resident of Ender Gallery, an artist residency program set in Minecraft, and exhibited her work, (g)Ender Gallery, through the MacKenzie Art Gallery situated on Treaty Four Territory earlier this summer.

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