Karl Skene
Nov 27, 2021

TouchDesigner for Ableton Live users: Incorporating Visuals into your Live Sets

This workshop is intended for Ableton Live users who are also beginner-level TouchDesigner users, and wish to make real-time connections between sounds and visuals. We will explore various ways of sending data between Ableton Live and TouchDesigner using the tdAbleton component. The techniques learned can be used for live performance, music videos, and interactive a/v installations.

This workshop is part of Long Winter's 2021 Together Apart Festival.

About the Instructor

Karl Skene is a Toronto-based multimedia artist working primarily with generative video, lasers, and LEDs. His passion for electronic music led to an interest in VJing in 2014, and he continues to find creative ways to incorporate light into live music, dance, film, and interactive art installations. His work often combines simple patterns with chaotic elements, creating experiences that are both hypnotic and unpredictable

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