Tosca Terán, Michael Barngrover
Apr 20 - 27, 2024

World Building in ResoniteVR

In-person at InterAccess - Register here

This workshop takes place over two dates:

  • Saturday, April 20 from 1-4 PM
  • Saturday, April 27 from 1-4 PM

This workshop takes participants by the avatar and catapults them into the social VR platform of Resonite! Led by Venice Biennale Cinema College VR tutors, Tosca Terán and Michael Barngrover.

Working with Tosca and Michael, participants collaborate on an environment as a team - like a game jam! The result will remain accessible (and editable!) to workshop participants after the workshop, along with their names on the credit board.

Participants will learn how to set up OBS to stream out to the world from within Resonite to create clips they can share on social media and use within their portfolios.

Social VR platforms offer artists and creatives:

  • Exhibition Spaces: artists can showcase their work to a global audience.
  • Advocacy: Create experiences that bring people into your world.
  • Performance Opportunities: Social VR platforms offer spaces for live performances, allowing musicians, actors, and other performers to reach audiences in new ways.
  • Monetization Options: Depending on the VR platform, artists can monetize their work through various means, such as selling virtual art, hosting events, or receiving tips/donations.
  • Community Building: Artists can engage with their fans and build a community around their work, fostering a supportive environment for creativity and expression.
  • Collaboration Tools: Artists can collaborate with others in real time, regardless of their physical location, to create immersive and interactive experiences.
  • Networking: Social VR platforms can facilitate networking opportunities, allowing artists to connect with fellow creators, potential collaborators, Festival programmers and even art collectors.

Over our two days together, participants will become familiar with Resonite's platform, including menu systems, creating and saving items to folders, and using the Developer and Material tools to build interactive environments.

Participants will need:

A laptop that meets the minimum requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10 or newer.
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4590/AMD FX 8350 equivalent or better.
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM.
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 290 equivalent or better.

VR Headset & controllers:

  • Quest 2/3, or
  • PC VR Vive, Valve Index (if intending to bring your VIVE or Index, bring your proper adapters)

InterAccess will have some headsets available for participant use; please let us know upon registration whether you will be bringing your own or need to borrow a headset.

If you have any questions about whether your laptop meets the minimum requirements, please email to inquire.

Further details on software set-up will be communicated closer to the workshop date.


About the Facilitators

Tosca Terán, aka Nanotopia, is an interdisciplinary artist.
She describes herself as a human holobiont whose work is a confluence of art, ecology, and craft. Her work has been featured at The Harwood Museum, SOFA New York, The Toronto Design Exchange, MOCA Toronto, The Ontario Science Centre, Music Works, Vector Festival, Studio Art & Craft Canada, SONICA21, Glasna Music Magazine, The Mushroom UK, NAISA (New Adventures In Sound Art), Fermynwoods Contemporary Art UK, The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and Ars Electronica.
Her MyceliaVR performance was a special event at The 78th Venice International Film Festival alongside Jean-Michel Jarre. Mycelia opened for AMAZE./Berlin21. Their Mycelia experience was nominated for and won the Spirit of the Festival award at the Raindance Film Festival.
Tosca has received funding support and residencies from the Goethe-Institut Montreal, The Canada Arts Council, BigCi Environmental Award Australia, Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council, California Arts Council, SUNY Buffalo’s Coalesce Centre for Biological Art and LOBE Spatial Audio Centre for her immersive, expanded reality, nonhuman bio-sonification projects. Tosca is an invited tutor for the Venice Biennale Cinema College VR.

Creative technologist, Michael Barngrover currently resides in Brussels.
Michael Barngrover is a developer of immersive experiences, which include virtual and augmented realities, and a researcher of collaboration in shared virtual spaces. He lived in Istanbul for several years, where he was a proponent of the emerging XR sector in Turkey. He led the community of the VR First lab during its second and third years of existence before accepting his position as coordinator of the KARMA Lab, an extended realities research center at Koç University, where he was a doctoral student. Founder of Raptor Dance Studios, an XR design and production studio, to facilitate work with academic and corporate clients.
Michael is passionate about projects focusing on historical or cultural heritage subjects. He is professionally interested in VR collaboration, hence his research focus. He speaks at conferences, primarily on designing multi-user VR for collaborative and event contexts. Michael is an invited tutor for the Venice Biennale Cinema College VR.

Tosca and Michael met as tutors during the BCCVR March 2022.


Questions? If you have any questions about the workshop or special requirements, please contact us at

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy: We are unable to accommodate attendee cancellations or refunds less than 1 week prior to a workshop or event. InterAccess reserves the right to cancel or reschedule this workshop if necessary.

InterAccess’s Winter 2024 Education Programming is made possible through the support of EQ Bank.

Cover image: SEM world, Tosca Terán, 2023

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