Jul 19, 2020

Luna - Performance

Luna breaks down the distinction between performer and audience member in a live-streamed user-driven concert experience. In a time when physical distancing measures have interrupted experiences of art and live music, Luna examines the possibilities for connection and shared experiences in this interactive and abstract virtual environment. In this piece, a dark space is activated with light and colour through audio-reactive generative visuals. Using commands in Twitch chat, the audience can sample audio recorded from the unQuartet, a Toronto-based improvising string trio, creating a real-time collaborative audio visual experience.

The work consists of four 22-minute sessions: Allegro Ma Non Troppo, Adagio-esque, Rondo (or not), and Allegroish-ish. Audience members may control the sounds played in each session using the commands listed below. Each command will play a different musical gesture. Enter these commands into the Twitch live stream chat (including the hashtag) to create an audio-visual medley.


Friday, July 19, 2020



This performance was presented as part of Vector Festival 2020: Online Exhibition, curated by Katie Micak and Martin Zeilinger.





Ping Interactive is a new Toronto-based creative technology studio started by Meghan Cheng that specializes in blending digital and physical installations that immerse audiences in interactive sound, light and movement. Cheng has worked with artists like Sasha Berliner, unQuartet, Laura Swankey, and provided holistic services and installations for Women From Space Festival, Gallery 345, and 918 Bathurst Cultural Centre. She believes in building meaningful relationships with ourselves, each other, and the world around us through shared imaginative experiences. Cheng is currently working to develop audio-reactive light installations for immersive concerts, gallery spaces, and public spaces.


From Toronto, cellist Cheryl O is a dedicated multi-media collaborator blending her improvisations with live theatre, dance, film, circus arts, text, poetry, painting and electronica. She is a regular performer for Contact Dance, CoExistDance, and performs weekly circus ambience performance classes at Hercinia Arts Collective, where she continues to explore the deep relationships between sound, movement, time and energy. She also explores this synergy with spoken word and poetry artists throughout the city playing both acoustic cello and with pedals and loops. Cheryl is a founding member of unQuartet; an improvising string trio creating film scores and live performances. Cheryl also receives commissions for dance and circus projects and will be part of several granted projects for the 2021 season, including ‘TAURA’ an exciting Flamenco dance work with Sofi Gudiño, an extended dance piece depicting both the bull and the bull fighter in a female form.

Instagram: @cherylocellojuice

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