Current exhibition
May 17 - Jun 17, 2023

Haptic Voices ―VibraFusionLab

VibraFusionLab’s haptic technology takes on an interactive hybrid-online venue as viewers experience online voices through a ten channel vibrotactile wall.

Past exhibition
Apr 3 - May 9, 2009

And Then There Were None―Richard Schütz and Larissa Fassler. Curated by Stephanie Rogerson

This exhibition is programmed by and presented in conjunction with the 22nd Images Festival, 2-11 April 2009. For more information please visit www.imagesfestival.com.

Past exhibition
Mar 25 - 28, 2009

Drawing and Speech―Geoffrey Shea

For over two decades Geoffrey Shea has been creating idiosyncratic video installations and interactive works laced with de-nuded language and stripped- down technology to question not only the tales we tell ourselves, but the very telling itself.

Past exhibition
Mar 5 - 22, 2009

OCAD on Queen 2009―Gloria Bernal, Nicholas Carlino, Rewaia and Derek Twilt

InterAccess is please to present OCAD ON QUEEN 2009, an exhibition of multimedia works from 4th-year Thesis students in OCAD's Sculpture/Installation program. The exhibition at InterAccess is one of seven exhibitions of student work from the program to be staged along Queen West over the next two months.

This is the second year InterAccess has participated in this program.

Gloria Bernal
Nicholas Carlino
Derek Twilt

More information is available here.

Past exhibition
Jan 23 - Feb 28, 2009

Electronic Shamanism―Jackson 2bears & Ted Hiebert, Joseph Lefevre & Martine Koutnouyan, Geoffrey Pugen and Alyce Santoro. Curated by Min-Jeong (M.J.) Kim.

InterAccess is pleased to present Electronic Shamanism, an exhibition of four interactive electronic media art works from Victoria, Toronto, Montreal and Texas that incorporate kinesthetic interaction and a wide range of sensorial engagements to examine the similarity between the shamanic experience and our interactions with high technology. The works in the exhibition also consider technology as a vehicle and mediator of shamanistic experiences, bringing spirituality and technology together, combining age old rituals and emergent media.

Past exhibition
Sep 26 - Nov 22, 2008

Beatrice's Centre for Student Affairs, or, How I Learned that my Mother was Right about Making Art in a Prarie Town During the Rise and Fall of Grunge Music―Curated by Jennifer Cherniack. Featuring Jo-Anne Balcaen, Daniel Barrow and Evan Tapper

September 26-November 22, 2008
Opening Reception: Friday, September 26th, 8pm

Special Nuit Blanche Performance by Evan Tapper, October 4th from 7pm-7am at InterAccess. Presented by the Koffler Gallery in partnership with InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre

Special Artist Talk, Daniel Barrow
Thursday, October 16, 8pm

Juicy Couture Panel Discussion, Saturday, October 18, 2-5pm

Past exhibition
Jul 11 - Aug 9, 2008

Cake on the Icing―Featuring Serena Lee, Robert Lendrum, Melanie Lowe, Petrina Ng, Freya Björg Olafson and Scott Saunders. Curated by Shaun Dacey

Emerging Artists expose their deepest personal thoughts...well not really...

InterAccess is pleased to present Cake on the Icing, the 8th Annual Emerging Artists Exhibition. Since 2001, InterAccess has mounted an annual Emerging Artists' Exhibition showcasing new media works by post-secondary students and/or recent graduates. This initiative aims to offer young artists professional experience and exposure.

Past exhibition
Jul 4 - 27, 2008

Resonating Bodies- Bumble Domicile―Sarah Peebles, Rob King, Anne Barros and Rob Cruickshank

A co-presentation between InterAccess Media Arts Centre and New Adventures in Sound ArtCome and meet your most misunderstood neighbors, but don't mention honey...

Resonating Bodies is a series of mixed media installations and community outreach projects, which focus on the biodiversity of pollinators indigenous to the ecosystems of the Greater Toronto Area.

Past exhibition
May 30 - Jun 21, 2008

Lightweight―Marcia Huyer and Tomasz Smereka

InterAccess is pleased to present Lightweight, an exhibition featuring Toronto artists Marcia Huyer and Tomasz Smereka. An adjunct exhibition with the 11th annual Subtle Technology Festival, Lightweight uses the festival's theme of "Light" in an unconventional, quirky and light-hearted way. Interpreting "Light" as in levity, this playful exhibition features artists who work with inflatable structures and objects. Huyer's installation- white, immersive and welcoming, contrast and play off of Smereka's black, minimalist and haunting sculptural works.

Past exhibition
May 9 - 18, 2008

Float/Fly ―Niknaz Tavakolian

A multi-media interactive installation of liminalityPresented in conjunction with the Inside Out Toronto Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival

InterAccess is proud to present York University MFA 2008 candidate Niknaz Tavakolian, who will be presenting her graduating exhibition, float/fly.