Sep 14 2019

Heavy Lifting, Light Machining

Get an introduction to the basic principles of machining with Naomi Dodds. Learn how to operate a milling machine and metal lathe to create a motor coupling with a shaft keyway. 

Sep 21 2019 to Sep 22 2019

Art Writing & Criticism in the Digital Age

In this two-day workshop, Sky Goodden will discuss the tools and strategies required to navigate the publishing field successfully, and will focus on the professional and practical realities of working in art writing, journalism, and criticism. Presented in collaboration with Critical Distance Centre for Curators (CDCC).

Sep 28 2019 to Oct 3 2019

Live Vjing with Resolume

Discover infinite possibilities of Resolume Arena with Ilze Briede [Kavi] and learn how to run your own live visual show using the software, projectors, sound, and midi devices. The workshop will finish with an opportunity to showcase your work at a live music venue. 

Oct 8 2019

Arduino Mozzi Synthesizer

Robertson Holt will teach participants how to build a low-resolution electronic synthesizer with oscillators, delay, reverb, FM synthesis, and sample manipulation.

Oct 12 2019

Staining for Microscopy

Join us for an in-depth workshop with visual artist and scientist Raddah Chaddah on how to mount stains and natural dyes made from saffron, beets, and blue-green algae, and prepare them for photography using the InterAccess microscopes.

Oct 19 2019

Drawing with Code using p5.js

Join us for an introduction to generative art and the fundamentals of p5.js, a programming language developed for artists to simplify drawing with code, with instructor Adam Herst.

Oct 26 2019

Virtual Brush Strokes

Dive into virtual and augmented reality and learn to draw in 3D space using Tilt Brush with multimedia artist Casey Koyczan. Presented as part of imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival.

Nov 2 2019

Basic Electronics, the Body and Squishy Futures

Lee Wilkins will teach you how to build basic circuits and switches. This exploratory workshop serves as a departure point for considering how cybernetics, materials, and the future of electronics will unfold.

Nov 9 2019

3D Scanning of Built Environments

Are you curious to capture a glimpse of the world through the eyes of a laser scanner? Codrin Talaba will provide an overview of 3D scanning spaces at different scales: from rooms to buildings to streetscapes. 

Nov 16 2019

Making Things With Light

Let’s take a look at how light behaves, and explore different sources of light that can be used in artworks. Rob Cruickshank will contemplate the physics of light. Is it a wave? A particle? Or both? What is the difference between reflection and refraction? What is colour, and how do we see it? 

Nov 23 2019 to Nov 30 2019

Drawing Out Urban Interfaces — Experimental Reading Group

Technology transforms how people live, as well as their attitudes, instincts, personas, and psyches, all of which comprise human subjectivity. This experimental workshop lead by Simon Rabyniuk will bring together artists, designers, and technologists to read, discuss and explore present-day issues related to technology and the city. 

Dec 7 2019 to Dec 14 2019

Intro to Robotics

Build a robot friend who can follow you around and navigate your home without bumping into things! Tess Sutherland will introduce you to soldering, circuitry, Arduino programming, and basic robotics ideas – including anthropomorphism and behaviour creation. 

Past workshop
Jan 10, 2013

Intro to Soft Circuits CANCELLED



Past workshop
Dec 13, 2012

Make an Atari Punk Console

Want to build a cool gadget for that special someone in your life, and learn lots of cool electronics skills and theory for yourself? Build an Atari Punk Console! The APC is a simple noisemaker circuit that is famous for its simplicity, elegance, and endless permutations. We’ll provide you with all the components and tools necessary to build this legendary gizmo, and we’ll guide you through the build and help you understand how electronic circuits work.

Past workshop
Nov 29, 2012

Mobile Apps in Modern JavaScript

In this workshop, we will introduce you to jQuery and BackboneJS, then build a slick and
beautiful portfolio application that lives comfortably in both browser and mobile. These
tools help us unlock the awesome power of Javascript to help us make web sites and
mobile apps that are fluid, functional, and naturally gorgeous.
There are no excuses anymore, let's make the internet beautiful.

Past workshop
Nov 8 - 15, 2012

Android & Arduino: Control the World With Your Phone!

Note:  This is a 2-part workshop, occuring on Novr 8 and 15!

Workshop Description:

Ready to build an army of Android-controlled robots? Or automate parts of your home with your Android phone or tablet? If you're an experienced Arduino hacker but haven't dabbled in Android development, then this workshop is for you!

Past workshop
Nov 1, 2012

Live Coding: Power Processing in Eclipse

Take Processing to the next level. Using the free development environment Eclipse, we’ll add the more powerful capabilities of a full Java development environment to Processing. Live coding, autocomplete, automatic error detection, and interface with non-processing libraries will be covered, and participants develop an understanding of the differences between Processing and Java.

Detailed Description:

What tools will we be learning/using? 

Java, Processing, Eclipse, Proclipsing, Live Coding
Oh. What the heck is that? 

Past workshop
Oct 25, 2012

Processing for iPhone

Take your skills in Processing and use them to add interactive elements to websites or build mobile and iPhone apps.

What tools will we be learning/using?

Mainly Processing.js and some HTML, CSS and jQuery/Javascript. 

Past workshop
Oct 18, 2012

Designing With Depth: Kinect for the Processing Audience

About the workshop

The Microsoft Kinect is a camera that sees in 3D. It makes it easy to help your computer make sense of the world.This workshop will focus on using the Kinect to make your computer-attached projects see better.

Past workshop
Oct 9, 2012

Making Pictures With Processing

About the Workshop: 

In this workshop we will be looking at techniques employed by artists who use Processing heavily in their respective practices, in an effort to gain new insight into the software and incorporate new ideas into our own work. Specifically, we will look at Jason Salavon's "pixel averaging" pieces (, figure out how his code works, and learn how to modify it for our own ends. We will also discuss work by Casey Reas & Ben Fry (the creators of Processing), among others.

Past workshop
Oct 4, 2012

Intro to Generative Art & Processing

About the workshop.

Processing is a versatile tool frequently used by artists to create screen- and projection-based images and videos capable of responding to live data input (sensors, online information, etcetera). In addition, Processing integrates very well with the Arduino microcontroller, allowing artists’ computer programs to interact with the physical world.

This workshop is designed for those with little or no programming experience.