May 28 2019

Caffeinated Robots: Combining JavaScript and Robots

Explore the world of JavaScript and what it can do. Learn how to combine Node.js, Johnny-five, and Arduino to create a morse code machine! 

Jun 1 2019 to Jun 15 2019

Intro to Projection Mapping with TouchDesigner

Join us for an introduction to the TouchDesigner interface to learn standard techniques of projection mapping to turn objects and spaces into display surfaces for video projection.

Jun 4 2019 to Jun 11 2019

Building Interactivity: An Introduction to Unity and Biosignals

Learn how to use the game engine Unity to construct an interactive digital experience with real-time biofeedback from the user.

Jun 22 2019 to Jun 26 2019

Touch, Sound, Pulse: DIY Vibrotactile Systems

Learn about the multisensory and emotive world of vibrotactility with David Bobier of VibraFusionLab and build your own wearable and handheld vibrotactile device. 

Jun 25 2019 to Jul 2 2019

Slime Mold as Capacitive Storytelling

Slime mold is a beautiful living monoculture. Due to its tendency to grow in the pattern of nodes and branches, new media bio-artists have been using it as a medium to represent everything from the functionality of the Internet to diaspora migration patterns of the human race.

Jun 29 2019

Build Your Own Psychogeographic Noise Synth!

In this hands on workshop, you will learn how to build your own experimental noise synthesizer - the Fort Processor! All the necessary components in kit format will be provided, as well as guidance to build your device from scratch. 

Jul 6 2019 to Jul 20 2019

PUFF! Create Inflatable Forms

Are you interested in experimenting with the inflated form? Join us for a three-session masterclass taught by renowned installation artist Marcia Huyer and learn how to create your own large-scale inflatable sculpture from scratch. The workshop will finish with a collaborative outdoors presentation. 

Past workshop
Jan 23 - Feb 6, 2013

Intro to Arduino: 3 Part Workshop

NOTE: This is a 3-part workshop, taking place on Thursdays January 23, January 30, & February 6th, FROM 7-10PM each night.

If you've seen a piece of interactive, robotic, or electronic art recently that made you say "How'd they do that?" there's a pretty good chance that the answer is: "Arduino." This tool is proving to be endlessly versatile as it inspires growing numbers of artists, hobbyists, and makers to take on interactive projects.


Past workshop
Jan 17, 2013

Intro to LilyPad Arduino

About the workshop: 

The Lilypad Arduino is a programmable microcontroller specially designed for use in wearable tech and e-textiles projects.

Past workshop
Jan 10, 2013

Intro to Soft Circuits CANCELLED



Past workshop
Dec 13, 2012

Make an Atari Punk Console

Want to build a cool gadget for that special someone in your life, and learn lots of cool electronics skills and theory for yourself? Build an Atari Punk Console! The APC is a simple noisemaker circuit that is famous for its simplicity, elegance, and endless permutations. We’ll provide you with all the components and tools necessary to build this legendary gizmo, and we’ll guide you through the build and help you understand how electronic circuits work.

Past workshop
Nov 29, 2012

Mobile Apps in Modern JavaScript

In this workshop, we will introduce you to jQuery and BackboneJS, then build a slick and
beautiful portfolio application that lives comfortably in both browser and mobile. These
tools help us unlock the awesome power of Javascript to help us make web sites and
mobile apps that are fluid, functional, and naturally gorgeous.
There are no excuses anymore, let's make the internet beautiful.

Past workshop
Nov 8 - 15, 2012

Android & Arduino: Control the World With Your Phone!

Note:  This is a 2-part workshop, occuring on Novr 8 and 15!

Workshop Description:

Ready to build an army of Android-controlled robots? Or automate parts of your home with your Android phone or tablet? If you're an experienced Arduino hacker but haven't dabbled in Android development, then this workshop is for you!

Past workshop
Nov 1, 2012

Live Coding: Power Processing in Eclipse

Take Processing to the next level. Using the free development environment Eclipse, we’ll add the more powerful capabilities of a full Java development environment to Processing. Live coding, autocomplete, automatic error detection, and interface with non-processing libraries will be covered, and participants develop an understanding of the differences between Processing and Java.

Detailed Description:

What tools will we be learning/using? 

Java, Processing, Eclipse, Proclipsing, Live Coding
Oh. What the heck is that? 

Past workshop
Oct 25, 2012

Processing for iPhone

Take your skills in Processing and use them to add interactive elements to websites or build mobile and iPhone apps.

What tools will we be learning/using?

Mainly Processing.js and some HTML, CSS and jQuery/Javascript. 

Past workshop
Oct 18, 2012

Designing With Depth: Kinect for the Processing Audience

About the workshop

The Microsoft Kinect is a camera that sees in 3D. It makes it easy to help your computer make sense of the world.This workshop will focus on using the Kinect to make your computer-attached projects see better.